The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 16 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 115 Thursday, Mar. 16, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Historic Raid On Cassino Flattens City – ‘Obliteration’ Aerial Blow Followed by Big Infantry Assault on Germans ….. Luftwaffe Up 1st Time in Week To Battle Heavies as Forts, Libs Hit Brunswick in Central Reich – 3 Bombers Are Lost; U.S. Fighters Bag 36, Lose 5 ….. FDR Sees Need to Tap Industry for Soldiers ….. President Gets Troop-Vote Bill After House OK – Observers Look for FDR To Excoriate Measure Swathed in Red Tape ….. Yanks Aid Rescuers, Firemen As Nazis Renew London Raids ….. Willkie Winner In N. Hampshire – Dewey Loses Out in Test As GOP Picks Delegates To National Convention ….. La Guardia Field Crash Kills 2 Men On Stolen Joyride ….. AFL Snubs FDR’s Plea To Share Vote With CIO ….. General Order No. 9?It Wasn’t Invoked – 2 Alert, Military Yank Sentries Bag a German From Germany ….. Asks FDR, Stimson, Knox To Back Combat Pay Boost ….. U.S. Sub Corvina Lost, 20th Since Pearl Harbor ….. 2 Million Lose Berlin Homes ….. THE Lady Moe Still Alive, Kicking – ‘No Grass for This Ass’ Is Her Motto; She Wants Food! – Donkey From Arabia Leading the Life of A Chow Hound / By Bud Button ….. Portrait of a Hero ( Arnaut Fraiteur ) ….. Soviets Smash At Germans in Kherson Trap – Other Units Near Vinnitsa And Proskurov; Flare-Up To North Is Reported ….. ‘Black Market Murders’ Linked to Chicago Killing ….. New Landing On N. Britain – Gain Foothold on Eastern Part of Island; Allied Planes in New Raids ….. St. Patrick’s Day Fetes Set; London Clubs List Programs ….. 2-Gallon Gas Ration Effected for All U.S. ….. Knerr, Air Service Chief, Elevated to Major General ….. Report Finland Rejects Terms – 160-40 Vote in Parliament Refused Soviet Offer, Stockholm Hears ….. Joseph B. Eastman, Chief Of Transportation, Dead ….. Police Break Wildcat Strike At Ford Plant – Aircraft-Engine Output Is Hit by Mystery Move by Detroit Night Shift ………………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. Here Come The Tank Busters! – These rolling panthers are for attackready to the M10s reputation as of the panzer packs / Charles F. Kiley ….. BiscayKey To The Battle – success of the naval offensive in this turbulent body water has depended on a complex network of operations extending into every country held by the Nazis./ Yeoman Tom Bernard ….. Flak Thru Bi-Focals / Lt. H. D. Steinmetz ….. . . And Keep the Powder Dry / From Infantry Journal ….. TO THE FIGHTERS / Cpl. Ellsworth B. Laurence ….. Highlights of Army Talks