The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 109 Thursday, Mar. 9, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Heavies Rain 360,000 Bombs on Berlin – Over 850 Forts, Libs Set Capital Aflame In Great Fire Raid – Smoke Visible 100 Miles After Second Major Day Attack; Fierce Air Battles Deepen Gash in the Luftwaffe ….. Yanks, Chinese Join in Burma; New Landing in New Britain ….. Counter-Blows Slow Russians – Reds Push Within 6 Miles Of Tarnopol Despite Stiff Resistance ….. 90,000 Aircraft Built by Britain ….. Forts Again Hit Base at Toulon – Warships May Have Been Damaged; Lull Still Grips Land Fronts ….. Spoiling a Luftwaffe Tackle – Heavies Hit the LineB26s Blocked / By Bud Hutton ….. 377 Miles-From Toronto To N.Y.-in Just 55 Minutes ….. Second Lonergan Trial Scheduled to Open Mar. 20 ….. Publicity a Measurement Of Morale PROs Learn / By Charles F. Kiley ….. Course in Combat Intelligence Set Up for Outfit’s Non-Coms / By Tom Hoge ….. 50 Million Must File Tax Return – Record Total Will Be Hit On Mar. 15, Many for The First Time ….. AFN to Broadcast 12 Hours Each Day Starting Monday ….. Heavies Rain 360,000 Bombs On Berlin in 2nd Big Day Raid ….. Farewell to Rubbish-It’s Leaving by Tube ….. Somervell to Broadcast To the ETO Tonight ….. 20 Are Arrested in Utah In Polygamy Crackdown ….. Lieutenant Goes Berserk, Kills 3, Including Fiancee ….. ARC Schedules Group Forums – Discussions On at Clubs In London; Programs Are Listed ………………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. A Shadow Army Leaps to Arms – The drama enacted in Corsica will be repeated in many other lands ( Corsica Partisans ) / By Sgt. Herbert Mitgang ….. An Arsenal of Democracy / By James A. Burchard ….. Fighter Aces of the ETO – 63 British-based Americans in most exclusive Fighter Pilot organization of them all; no ribbons, no rules, they’re justices. / By Earl Mazo ….. Capt. Walker Mahurin Lt. Robert Johnson Lt. Col. Glenn E. Duncan Capt. Thomas Ace White Lt. Col. Donald J. M. Blakeslee Lt. Col. James H. Howard 1/Lt. James M. Morris Capt. Charles P. London Maj. Walter Beckham Col. William H. Stovall Col. Laurence K. Callahan Lt. Col. Francis S. Gabreski Capt. Glen D. Schiltz Jr. Lt. Col. David G. Schilling Maj. Gerald Johnson Capt. Duane W. Beeson ….. Complete Short Story – Thanks, Sergeant!- If you don’t believe topkicks can be tender-hearted, listen to this one . . . / By Octavus Roy Cohen ….. Highlights of Army Talks