The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 104 Friday, Mar. 3, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Day Raid Follows Big Blow at Stuttgart – SW Reich Is Struck by Forts, Libs – 1,900 Tons Are Dropped By RAF; Marauders Hit Points in France ….. Yanks Gain In Drive in Admiralties – Beat Off Japanese Attacks; Enemy Carrier Blasted By British Subs ….. Japs ‘Playing ‘Possum’ With Fleet-Vandegrift ….. Counsel for Joan Says Blood Tests Aren’t Conclusive ….. 860,000 in 2A Facing Callup – Hershey Says Rejectees Alone Total Size of U.S. Forces in Last War ….. Legion Head Sees Invasion Costing 800,000 Casualties ….. 20 Men and Girls Arrested by Vice Raiders in N.Y. ….. Hymns With K-Rations To Cheer Fighting Men ….. Paper Gets a Death-House Scoop – Lepke, About to Die, Blurts Out Sensational ‘High Intrigue’ Tale ….. Shifts to GOP Loom in House – Special Elections May Keep Democrats From Getting Absolute Majority ….. Allied Aid Cut, Turks Declare ….. Judge Debating Appeal For Lonergan Mistrial ….. ‘National Service’ Needed to Insure ProductionKnox ….. ATG Will Fly Anything, Anytime in U.K., and Does / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Sudden Thaw Slows Russian Drive in North – Nazis Counter-Attacking At Pskov; Reds Pushing Deeper Into Estonia ….. Yanks Are Firing The Machine Gun Now From the Hip ….. Giles to Succeed Royce As Middle East Air Chief ….. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Is Reported in Britain ….. U.S. Asked to Draft Childless Women 21-28 ….. Finns Are Cool To Red Terms – 6-Point Peace Proposal Believed Likely to Be Turned Down ….. Lib ‘Bag o’ Bones’ Back With Even Those Shattered ( Pilot – 1/Lt. H. E. Broxton, of Birmingham, Ala ) ….. Red Cross Worker Wins Silver Star for Heroism ….. Yanks Repulse German Attack On Bridgehead – U.S. Counter-Thrusts Hurl 3 Nazi Divisions Back After Initial Gains ….. Lives 1st, Rome Buildings Second, Stimson Asserts ….. Bowles Assails Black Market ….. WACs Serving in Italy ….. Rubber Checks Bounce on ‘Major,’ ‘Captain’ – Big Spree as Phony Officers Puts 2 in Civilian Guardhouse ….. Visitors Denied Gas by South Can’t Even Get a Train Home – ODT Curbs Non-Essential Travel, Creates Vast Bus-Rail Jam ….. Woman Found Slain In Washington Cathedral ( Catherine Cooper Reardon )