The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 21 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 94 Monday, Feb. 21, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Four U.S. Task Forces Blasting Jap Bases in Pacific ….. Greatest Day Raids Hit Luftwaffe Plants – Huge U.S. Armada Strikes After RAF Hammers at Leipzig – Over 800 American Heavies Drive Deep Into Reich to Blast Important Factories Building Fighters ….. Yanks Seize 2 Airfields In Marshalls – 23 Nipponese Ships Sunk; Attacks On Over 1,250 Miles of Enemy Waters ….. Adm. Kirk Is Named to Lead Naval Task Force for Invasion – Adms. Hall and Wilkes Also Given Key Posts In U.S. Command ….. Baruch Submits a Plan For a Lasting U.S. Boom ….. Chennault Gets Set for Nimitz ….. Tokyo Ultimate Goal—Doolittle – 8th AF Chief Reveals His Men Flew 19,000 Sorties In the Last 30 Days ….. Joan Barry’s Mania Says: Let’s Drop the Whole Thing ….. German Wedge Being Wiped Out In Anzio Battles – Nazis Beaten Back After Driving In Nearly 2 Mi.; Enemy Losses Heavy ….. 10 Bail Out of Fort and Land, Among Other Places, in Print / By Henry B. Jameson ….. The Home Front Takes A Leaf from U.K.’s Book ….. Reds’ Bombers Strike Pskov a Smashing Blow – Hamstring Rail Junction Toward Which Nazis Are Streaming ….. Magician’s Bag of Tricks Gone, He Lacks Power to Get It Back ….. Mass Assault, Mass Heroism – Entire Fortress Group Cited For Jan. 11 Brunswick Attack ….. U.S. Radio May Attempt Invasion ‘Blow-by-Blow’ ….. Leaders Offer To Compromise On Troop Vote – Green, Connally Willing, But Eastland Hold Out For States ‘Rights’ ….. Michigan Advances Primaries Aid Troops ….. Ohio Restores Franchise To Troops Gone 2 Years ….. The Pin-Up Gets the Go-By In U.S. Art Show Popularity ….. Both Parties’ High Command Map Drive Toward White House – FDR Is Believed Certain To Run, Republican Field Wide Open ….. Cagney Makes London Debut ….. Asserts U.S. ‘Drafted’ FDR ‘for the Duration* ….. Asks 200 Million For Red Cross ….. $140,000,000 Oil Pipeline To Alaska Is Completed ….. Washington s Birthday Dances Scheduled by Red Cross Clubs ….. Soviet Confers High Honors on 52 Americans – Army, Navy and Merchant Marine—Eisenhower to Privates—Honored ….. OK PX Sales Of U.S. Papers ….. Secret Weapons: No. IEnemy Planes – Nazi Science Takes the Defensive – Foe’s Efforts to Better Fighters and Flak Show Reversal / By Bud Hutton ….. 62 Pct. Decline In Construction Noted in Year – Totals Reflect Decreasing Expansion of America’s War-Industrial System ….. Nazi Prisoner-Workers Accorded Union Status ….. Girl’s Hiccoughing Halted by Medic on Emergency Leave ….. U.S. Again Hit By Zero Wave – Mercury Plunges Down In East, Midwest; Heavy Snowfalls Reported ….. Invasion Power Tops in History – Somervell Cites Massing Of Might, Says Allies Will ‘Make Sure’ ….. Private Held as Traitor In Escape of Two Nazis ….. Peace-Time Belly Laugh To Be Strictly Uninhibited ….. ‘Efficiency – Man’ Bedaux Commits Suicide in Miami ….. Bloomington Will Name Airport for War Hero ….. Relief for the Liberated Will Spur Victory: Lehman