The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 91 Thursday, Feb. 17, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … 2,800 Tons Hit Berlin in Greatest Raid – 30 Minutes of Hell Leave Ravaged City Blazing Once Again – Not a House Left Standing in One District; Over 1,000 RAF Planes in Night’s Operation; 43 Aircraft Are Lost ….. Landing Cuts Solomons Japs – Move Ends Campaign in Those Isles – M’Arthur Announces End; 20,000 Isolated by Seizure Of Strategic Island ….. An MP Polishing His Buttons Learns He Inherited $2,000,000 ( Pvt. Ben. R. Violette ) ….. Yanks at ‘Invasion School’ In Giant Beach Assault / By John Vogt ….. Hitler Is Urged To Quit Finland – Demands by Generals Are Reported; ‘Peace Talks’ Shrouded in Secrecy ….. U.S. Printing Nazi Marks? Wouldn’t Surprise FDR ….. 5 More Years of War Ahead, McIntire Fears ….. Alexander Sees Victory Certain In Bridgehead – Second Round Being Won, He Asserts; Great Air Drive Goes On ….. RAF Hits Northern Tip Of Norway, Berlin Says ….. ‘Greater Love Hath No Man’ – Blinded, Bleeding Gunner Asks To Be Thrown Out to Save Fort ….. Disease a Beaten Enemy In this ‘Safest’ of Wars / By Paul Field ….. Soviet Advance Cuts the Road to Staraya Russa – Reds Push Near Railway Lifeline; Trap Threatens Manstein’s Tanks ….. ‘Originals’ will Meet at Mostyn; Other London ARC Fetes Set ….. Charlie Chaplin ‘Ain’t the Papa’ – Joan Barry’s Paternity Suit Ruled Out by Blood Test; U.S. Charge Unaffected ….. U.S.-Mexico River Treaty Is Submitted to Senate ….. Draft of Labor Means Chaos, Green Avers – AFL Chief Declares Bill Wouldn’t Add a Single Plane, Ship or Tank ….. French Patriots Facing a Battle ….. Two Jap Admirals Killed …………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. On The Trail Of The U-Boat – Day in, day out, night in, night out, Navy airmen flying Liberators blockade Europe and keep the sea lanes free ….. A Sports Writer Recalls: Japs on the Fairway – Because of determination the Japs fall below par in playing golf and waging war / By Robert Harlow ….. Journey’s End – That’s when a Flight Surgeon’s hardest job begins. His problems are not easy. / By Clark Fay ….. The CO Speaks Out – If I Could Train my Company Again… / By Capt. Clarence A. Heckethorn ….. The Chief Beachmaster says: ‘It was Hell at Tarawa – Lt. Comdr. J. P. Grogan returns to the ETO with an account of the bloodiest battle in Marine Corps history / By Tom Bernard ….. The M-l Carbine Goes to War ….. Highlights of Army Talks ….. MEN OF THE ‘FORTRESS’ / By Cpl. Ellsworth B. Laurence ( Poem )