The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 15 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 89 Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Comeback In Italy Nets Allies Gains – British Take Key Bridge; German Hopes Fading, Stockholm Says ….. Rommel Inspects Tanks in France ….. Soviets Are Closing On Pskov in North; Nazis in Full Flight – Trapped Divisions In South Lose More Ground ….. From Diapers to Long Johns – U.S. Air Power No Longer RAF’s Little Brother–Wilson ….. ‘Good Army, but It Must Be Better,’ Devers Insists ….. Blinded, Handless, Pilot Today Sees, Flies Once More ….. Dutch Airfield Is Hit by P47s – Fighter-Bombers in Blow At Gilze-Rijen; Calais Area Pounded Again ….. Group Insists Roosevelt Make Peace Aims Clear ….. Browder Urges Support Of a 4th Term for FDR ….. OK on Food Subsidy Ban By Congress Held Certain ….. It’s Just One Great Big War – Only Chinese Flying in ETO Bags His First Nazi Fighter ( 2/Lt. Wau Kau Kong ) ….. Libs Hammer Jap Airfields in Timor, Celebes – Huge Fires Set in Indies Raid; Rabaul Given Another Blow ….. Fliers Mark Anniversary Of 10th AF by Blasting Foe ….. Willkie Urges Action Now To Spur Trade With Allies ….. ‘Invasion Coast’ Controls Extended to South France ….. An Accolade Earned in Sicily – ‘Chutist Medics’ Bravery Wins Paratroops’ Acclaim / By Philip H. Bucknell ….. Finland’s Big Fear Is Soviet’s Occupation / By Robert Sturdevant ….. No Man’s Land Of Mines Left At Leningrad – Scourged Areas Combed By Sappers; Eyewitness Tells of Devastation / By Duncan Hooper ….. Russians Find Bodies of 1,200 – Two Ditches Yield Grisly Evidence of New Nazi Mass Murder ….. U.S. Clinic Set Up To Turn Drunkard Into an Ardent Dry ….. Beckham Awarded DSC For Heroism on Oct. 10 ….. ARC Striving To Get Aid to Japs’ Captives – It Admits Enemy Policies Must Change, However, if Effort Is to Succeed ….. The Lisbon Story–Straight From the Ouija Board – 80 U.S. Divisions in Russia, Portuguese Colonel Declares ….. Charlie Chaplin Gives Self Up – He’s Fingerprinted, Then Photographed–Despite Scowls and Protests ….. Russo-Finnish Talks Reported – Ex-Minister to Russia Is Said to Have Submitted Peace Plan Already ….. Boy With 4 Arms, 4 Legs Made Normal in Operation¬†