The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 87 Saturday, Feb. 12, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Forts Hit Frankfurt 2nd Time in 4 Days; Calais Gets It Again – Fighter Opposition Nil in Comparison With Thursday Battle, Fatal to 29 Forts; Direct Hits on Rail Center ….. 55-Plane Bag In 1 Day Sets Fighter Mark ….. Reds Close On Base Shielding Trapped Nazis – Artillery Rakes 4 Sections – Of Encircled Divisions; Soviets Gain in North ….. 36th and ‘Red Bulls’ Of the 34th Division Battling for Cassino ….. Greenland Used As German Base – Luftwaffe Was Within Range of U.S. in ’43, Article Reveals ….. Vicious Nazi Tank Assault Hits Tommies – But British Strike Back As Beachhead Battle Rages in Storm ….. ‘Situation Tense’-FDR ….. Icy Winds Plummet Mercury to 42 Below ….. Towers Slated For Post As Deputy Under Nimitz ( Vice-Admiral John T. Towers ) ….. 3-Power Oil Conference – Is Slated for Washington ….. 150,478 Casualties ….. Nazis in Captured Forts Fly Beside U.S. Formations ….. Freddie Mills Asks Joe Louis For World Title Bout Here / By Charles F. Kiley ….. Army’s Own Roasters Assure – Spam Ribbon Wearers Get Real U.S. Coffee ….. Allied Air Power Again – Propaganda on Jerry’s Radio Jammed Out, All but the Music ….. Yanks, Aussies Meet Near Japs’ Base at Madang – Complete Seizure of Area; 14,000 Nips Killed In 5-Month Fight ….. Chaplin Indicted By Grand Jury ….. Willkie Visions ’44 Crisis, Calls For New Leader – Says FDR Administration Has Forfeited Right To Head Nation ….. Tea Bowl Grid Game Sunday To Be Aired on U.S. Network ….. Negroes Mark History Week ….. And Now The Hell-Diver Has Joined The Marines ….. Passenger Plane Crashes In Mississippi Snowstorm ….. ETO Art Show Open Tomorrow ….. Ambassador lo Finland Resigns