The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 86 Friday, Feb. 11, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Forts Hit Brunswick in Giant Air Duel – Hordes of Fighters Fail to Stop Blow at Nazi Aircraft Plants – Terrific Dogfights Develop; New Luftwaffe Tactics Force Some U.S. Escorts Back; Libs Raid Holland ….. Calais Raiders Told: Smash Secret Targets at Any Cost / By Bud Hutton ….. Allies in Italy Beat Off Big Beach Drive – Main Weight of German Counter-Offensive Still To Come, However ….. Reds Split Trapped Foe; 10 Miles From Krivoi Rog ….. U.S. Bombings Smashing Japs Out of Rabaul – Being Abandoned as Base After Repeated Attacks; Madang Deserted ….. Rights of Jews in Italy Restored by Emmanuel ….. Doolittle Shows King, Queen Around – ‘Darn Sweet Lady,’ Says Flier After Royal Visit To U.S. Bomber Base / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Pick 10 to Seek New Vote Plan – House, Senate Conferees To Hunt a Formula to Avoid a Stalemate ….. Brrr! It’s Really Cold in Midwest; 11 Inches of Snow ….. Safeguarding Invasion Cargoes – Secret Conference Decides Where Convoys Slip In / By Don Hewitt ….. Bails Out With ‘Chute in Arms, Snags It on Door, Lands Safely / By Bud Hutton ….. Bricker Fears Finance Policy Means a Weak Post-War U.S. – Ohio Governor Opens Bid For Presidency; Fears a U.S. Weak in Future ….. Staten Island Is Shelled, But It Was All an Error ….. New U.S. Cargo Plane Made of Plastic Wood ….. Senator Bridges to Marry ….. German Fighter Output Cut 43% – War Department Releases Report of 8th Air Force Operations for 1943 ….. Explore Terms, Finns Demand ….. ‘Duck’ Proves Its Worth So Army Orders MoreĀ