The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 82 Monday, Feb. 7, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Russians Smash 7 Divisions in South, Cut Off 5 More ….. New Drive On Nikopol Isolates City – 120,000 Nazis Wiped Out; Narva Outflanked; Coast Of Estonia Shelled ….. Greatest U.S. Air Assault Passes 10th Day – Luftwaffe’s Airfields For Invasion Defense Battered by Heavies Bombers, Out 9th Time in 10 Days, Pound French Dromes and Secret Targets; Opposition Reported Weak ….. Allies Halt Nazi Thrusts On Bridgehead by Rome ….. Nelson Warns Terrific Supply Job Lies Ahead – Radio-Material Cost in ’44 Alone Will Equal that of Building Panama Canal ….. Soldiers’ Vote Is Up in Senate – Federal Ballot Plan Faces A Fight; Stalemate With House Looms ….. U.S. Women in Allies Uniform May Transfer, Become WACs ….. Take a Powder on War., Gen, Seidlitz Tells Nazis ….. Lost Fort Nearly Lands At a German Airdrome ( B-17 named Elusive Elaine, pilot 1/Lt. Jacob Kurtzburg ) ….. This Is How They Voted To Let States Run Ballot ….. U.S. Fighters Bag 157 Nazis Over 11 Days – Lose 44; Excellent Escort, Plus Weather, Slash Bomber Losses ….. U.S. Now Holds 30 of 32 Isles in Kwajalein Atoll – Yanks Swarm Over Ebeye Island; 100 Jap Planes Destroyed to South ….. Dehydrated Spuds? Cook’s Use of Salts Gripes British Navy ….. Jap-American ETO Vet Asks for Chance at Tokyo ….. Empty Bomber Hits Town, Kills One, Injures Several ….. Gen. Bissell Is Appointed Army Intelligence Chief ….. Tour of 2 Western States Opened by Wendell Willkie ….. Majority of U.S. Recruits Now Assigned to Infantry ….. Mediterranean Wounded Arrive at Londonderry ….. Officer-Candidate Schools Fast Being Closed in U.S. ….. U.S. Planes Sink 6 Jap Vessels Off China Coast ….. 9 Heavy Raids in 10 Days ….. Nation Denied More Rubber For Auto Tires – Synthetic Production Up, But Essential Needs To Take It All ….. V-Mails Kisser to Lose Air Priority on Feb. 14 ….. U.S. ‘Betrayers’ Scored by FDR ….. Wallace Sights Fascism Peril Fears Post- War Clashes Between Labor, Business And Agriculture ….. Holdup Starts a Bullet Battle, Sends N. Y. Citizens Scurrying ….. No Application Needed to Get ‘Peace Bonus’ – However, Men Discharged Previously Must Submit Data to Authorities ….. After 45 Years, Lake in Rockies Yields Sub Hulk ( 1898 experimental submarine ) ….. U.S. Navy’s Aid Flying Coastal Sweeps Is Cited – Aircraft Cover 2,750,000 Miles; RAF Command Over 100-Million Mark ….. Shavetail Shoots Bull With General And Wins 10 Bob ( Lt. Tucker Irvin ) ….. 20,000 More Mechanics Strike in War Plants ….. Tank Saves Crashed P47, Plus the Salvage Units – And Also Rescues Two Bogged-Down Counterparts ….. 7 More Stars Reach the U.K. – Over 150 Now Out on Tour For USO in ETO; Shows’ Schedules Listed ….. 3 Nazi PWs Escape ….. Separate Negro Draft Quota ….. ‘This Is Army’ Ends U.K. Tour – Soldier-Musical Brings In About $322,100 for British Charity ….. At 70, He Faces Charge Of Kidnapping Utah Girl, 14 ( William E. Chatwin ) ….. Navy Officers Learning Jap Language in a Year ….. Out-of-London Red Cross Clubs List Programs for the Week ….. AF Boast Mechanical Wizards – Makeshift Inventions A Big Factor in Aerial Blows