The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 79 – Thursday, Feb. 3, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … First of 3 Main Isles Taken in Marshalls – Big Battle Develops When Yanks Storm Key Japanese Bases – Great War Fleet Alone Pumps 5,000 Tons Of Shells Onto Two Islands; Major Naval Clash May Be Continuing ….. Two Nazi Lines in Italy Broken – Americans In Outskirts Of Cassino – Allies Pour Through Gap In South, Battle at Town 16 Miles From Rome ….. Reds in Estonia, Artillery Within Range of Narva – Southern Units Less Than Dozen Miles From Line Linking Pskov, Luga ….. The Dough Is Rolling Home – Survey Blasts Myth Yank Cash Is Upsetting Britain’s Economy / By Richard Wilbur ….. Bombers Over France Again – Heavies Hit Undisclosed Targets; B26s Pound Normandy Airfield ….. Aimless Flight of an Empty Lib Is Ended by Guns of 2 Spitfires / By Callie Small ….. 21 Planes Forced Down in Sea ….. Rhode Island Takes a Step Toward Vote for Soldiers ….. Cut Invasion Teeth on Real Thing – Nazi Raiders ‘Training’ U.S. Gunners in Britain ….. To Help Cook the Nazi Goose – Red General in Italy Says Ducks Would Come in Handy in Russia ….. Kremlin Grants 16 Soviet States Full Autonomy – Dominion Status and Right To Secede Apply Also to Areas Seized Since ’39 ….. Bearings Plant in Italy Bombed Out of Action ( Villa Perosa ) ….. The Income-Tax Jigsaw Snafus Collectors, Too ….. Spanish Crisis Near s a Climax – U.S. Oil Cutoff Is Stirring Rumors of a Break With Either Allies or Axis ….. FDR ‘Defines’ ‘Road to Tokyo’ ….. Week’s Programs Are Listed By Red Cross Clubs in London ….. FBI Seizes 18 In Capital as Draft Dodgers – Used Drugs to Produce High Blood Pressure, Hoover Charges ….. Michael Is Reported Shot; An ‘Operation,’ Nazis Say ( King Michael of Rumania ) …………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. And This Is The Merchant Marine, Mr. Jones / By Don Hewitt ….. Here’s the Melting Pot of the ETO – New arrivals are warmly welcomed in Spamland. Their teeth are cleaned, pants pressed and they are given money – just part of the Service / By G. K. Hoddenfield ( A U.S. ARMY REPLACEMENT DEPOT ) ….. The Screwballs and the Eight Ball – The story of a crew of self-styled jokesters who claim their Fortress is the luckiest ship in the ETO / By Lt. H. D. Steinmetz ( Pilot 1/Lt. Bill Cabral ) ….. Father ‘Mac’ Fights a War ( Chaplain Lt. Raymond Francis McManus USNR ) ….. Highlights of Army Talks