The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 77 – Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Berlin Fires Rage After 14th Great Raid – Libs Again Hammer Pas de Calais Area; Offensive in 4th Day – Fighter-Bombers in Sweeps Over Holland; 13 More Enemy Planes Shot Down; Berlin Cut Off For Hours ….. U.S. Invasion Of Marshalls May Be On – Landing Indicated by Jap Radio; Navy Admits It Is Facing Greatest Test ….. U.S. Fighters Bag 220, Lose 63 in January – Virtually Double Score Of Best Previous Month; 45 Shot Down Sunday ….. American Casualties Total 146,186 Since War’s Start ….. Vote Law OK’d By Connecticut ….. Reds 12 Miles From Estonia ….. Russians Are Restoring Czarist Names to Cities ….. The Hellcat and 10 Fighting Tomcats – Four Raids in as Many Days Completed by Lib and Its Crew ( B-24 named Hellcat ) ….. 80,000 Craft Due in 1944 For Amphibious Warfare ….. Just Before the Battle Brother: Don’t Be Scared Of Being Scared, Veteran Advises / By Charles F. Kiley ….. Big Allied Push On Near Rome, Germans Say – 63 More Enemy Aircraft Shot Down; Total of 206 Destroyed in 9 Days ….. Eisenhower Lauds Drive For Home Front Security ….. Jury in Joan Barry Quiz Recesses for Six Days ….. U-Boat-Convoy Battle On In Arctic, Germans Say ….. Persian Gulf Chief Sees Reds Using U.S. Equipment ….. Palm Beach Group Fights Eviction of Wounded Vets ….. Group Formed to Combat Antisemitism in States ….. Ft. Wayne Attorney Named To Van Nuys’ Senate Seat ….. Wickard Tells The U.S. It May Get Less to Eat – 1943 Food Output Reaches New Peak, but Overseas Demands Increase ….. Australia Sets Up Agency To Probe Jap Atrocities