The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 31 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 76 Monday, Jan. 31, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Greatest Bomb Assault Passes 72 Hrs. – Brunswick Battered After Record Raid on Frankfurt Saturday – Over 800 U.S. Heavies in 1,800-Ton Smash, First of 2 Giant Attacks; Berlin Is Hit Second Straight Night ….. 13th Massive Blow Again Fires Nazi Capital ….. Forts, Libs Ravage Plane-Building Center ….. Repatriates Describe Japs’ Murder, Rape and Torture ….. Troop Vote ‘Filibuster’ Cry Heard – Senate Backers of Federal Regulation Angered by Moves to Belay Bill ….. A Little Squeal From a Big Rat – Hitler Forgets to Boast, Warns World of Russia ….. U.S. Units Split Near Cassino – Germans Divert Course Of River, Flood Yanks; Allies Gain Near Rome ….. Thunderbolts in Italy Shoot Down 36 for 1 ….. Eaker Leaves Doolittle A Crack WAC Stenog ( Sgt. Mary E. Gill ) ….. Heavy Snowfall Sweeps Midwest, Breaking Drought ….. U.S. Nurses So Seasick They Ignored Bombs South of Rome – Report to a Field Hospital After Nightmarish Trip In Storm-Tossed Sea / By Don Whitehead ….. Clark Under Direct Fire In Italy; Aides Injured ….. British Unveil Their Own ‘Bazooka’ – The PIAT ….. Marshalls Get Fresh Pasting – Navy Carrier Fleet Rips Jap Bases; Admiralty Isles Hit Again ….. Wants to Get to Reich So She Can Kiss Hitler’s Foot ….. Battleship Missouri Launched ….. Russian Patrols Within 20Miles Of Estonia Line – Smyela, Nazi Strong point In Dnieper Bend and Key Base Near Nevel Fall ….. FDR Calls on the Nation For a Flood of Bond Cash ….. U.S. Pressure Applied to Spain In New Threat – Oil Shipments Are Banned For Month; Franco Aid To Hitler Is Cited ….. 4 Brothers, Sisters Separated by War Reunited in Ulster ( Thain ) ….. A GI Ulysses Goes 7,169 Miles With No Orders! – Aerial Hitch-Hiker Rides Out Storm Of Red Tape – Flabbergasted MPs Let Him Rejoin Outfit in ETO ….. ETO Art Show Entries Pour In – Famous Artists to Judge GIs’ Work, on View Feb. 13 to 29 ….. Iceland to See ETO’s Shows – USO Entertainment to Be Sent Direct From U.K.; Programs Listed ….. Film Industry Investigates Fraudulent ‘Oscar’ Ballots ….. Week’s Programs Are Listed By Out-of-London ARC Clubs ….. Orphans’ Fund Nears 45,000 British Pounds ….. Mail U.S. Prisoners’ Biggest Plea – Nazis Threatens Seizure Of U.S. Prisoners’ Mail ….. Here Are Some Tips On How You in ETO May Write / By Richard Wilbur ….. East Still Shy Of Coal, Ickes Warns Miners – Solid Fuels Chief Issues A Call for Increased Anthracite Output ….. William Allen White Dies at Emporia ….. WLB Rule on Unions Held Unconstitutional ….. Lehman Outlines Policy For Aid to Nazi Victims ….. NATs Increase Supply Power – Navy Transport Command Grows from One Plane To 10 Squadrons ….. Subs Taking as Prisoners Key Men of Sunken Ships ….. Captured Stores Explode a Myth – Navy Finds Out the Jap Soldier Lives on More Than Fish, Rice ….. Maternity, Infant Aid Given Kin of 30,000 Servicemen ….. Modernized Constitution For N.J. Is Urged by Edge ….. 322nd Kaiser Ship