The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 29 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 75 Saturday, Jan. 29, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Japanese Atrocities Stun U.S. – Official Report Tells Of Barbaric Cruelty To the Men of Bataan – Torture, Thirst, Starvation Described by Escaped Eyewitnesses; Hopes of Sending Further Food, Medical Packages Gone ….. Most of Bataan Captives Dead, U.S. Article Says ….. U.S. Heavies Hit North France – Berlin Gets 1,750 Tons in 12th Assault – Capital ‘Half Wiped Out’; Libs Hit Pas de Calais Without Loss ….. Invaders Gain in Italy; 50 Nazi Planes Downed ….. Peace Won’t Bring Flood Of Autos-Henry Ford II ….. U.S. EM Clerks Must Go Abroad – Army Planning Transfers Overseas of Men Long at Fixed Home Stations ….. Order to Strip for Action Bares Actor as an Actress ( Tanis Chandler ) ….. 2,300,000 in Air Force ….. Reeling Nazis Rush Pell Mell Toward Baltic – Disordered Flight Harried By Reds; Rearward Units Being Cut to Pieces ….. Midwest Winter Does Fadeout In Warmest January in Years ….. Admiralty Isles Pounded Again By Lib Raiders – Blows Stir Speculation On Possible Land Move Against Truk Shield ….. Allies Advance 12 Miles In Two Months in Burma ….. Missing Fort With Tail Shot Off Comes Back to 3-Point Landing ( The B-17 Expense Again III ) ….. CIO OK’s Plans to Attend Lab or Congress in London ….. AFL Cautions Its Membership Against Strikes – Council Says Not a Single Life Must Be Lost for The Lack of Supplies ….. Four U.S. Subs Launched On Same Day for Record ….. 5 Years Ago, a Private, Today, a Colonel at 25 ( Wilson R. Wood )