The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 71 Tuesday, Jan. 25, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Allies Reach Town 23 Miles From Rome – Drive Carries Within 4 Miles Of Appian Way – Germans Battle in the South To Cut Pressure and Let Them Switch North ….. Heavies Pound Reich in West; B 26s Hit France – Marauders, RAF Planes Deal Pas de Calais Month’s 19th Blow ….. Rail Centers Fall to Reds In the North – Soviets Closing In on Two Other Lines; Open Big Drive at Kirovograd ….. Report Ex-‘America Firsters’ Seeking a Negotiated Peace ….. Censors’ Secrecy Lifted On M4 Artillery Tractor ….. 4-Pilot Fort Is Brought Home By Only One Still Able to Fly ….. AFL Starts Ball Rolling For UMW Readmission ….. Roosevelt Orders Navy To Take Over War Plant ….. Shouting Red Greet Yanks Near Rome ….. 15 Are Killed When Train And Bus Crash at St. Louis ….. Secret Weapon P51B – The Men Who Fly It Swear by New U.S. Fighter / By Earl Mazo ….. Aussies Seize Important Hill In New Guinea – Americans Are Reported Set for Push to Outflank Retreating Jap Units ….. Giant Mars Joins Navy With a Flight to Hawaii ….. AFN to Present Fight Broadcast ….. Child-Aid Unit Is Termed Cruel ….. Wounded Airman to Run For Congress in Colorado ….. Starving on $11,000 ….. Slav Partisans Sever Rail Line Got the ‘Message to Garcia’ Through – A Pint-Sized Package of Valor Modestly Keeps Under Wraps / By Charles F. Kiley ….. U.S. Launches New Carrier; Greatest Battleship Nearly Set – 80-Plane Hancock Slides Down Ways; Other Huge Craft Are building ….. 2-1/2-Million-Man Army After War Prophesied