The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 24 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 70 Monday, Jan. 24, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Allies Driving Inland Near Rome – New Landing 32 Mi. South of Eternal City Virtually Unopposed – Invaders Advance on Key Railways, Roads In Attempt to Trap 100,000 Germans Between Old and New Fronts ….. Yanks Eyes Pop When No Fight Occurs – Italy ‘End Run’ Surprises Nazis, Grown Used to Line-Buck Tactics ….. Reds Close On Rail Line To Estonia – Begin New Pripet, Kerch Drives; Enemy Attacks Near Vinnitsa Cease ….. Eisenhower ETO Chief, Too; Lee His Second in Command – SOS, ETO Headquarters Consolidated by Order of New Supreme Chief ….. Marauders Again Paste ‘Rocket Gun Coast’ Area ….. Jugoslavs Raid Nazis’ Airfields – Guerrilla Action Increases; Bitter Battles Reported In Croatia, Bosnia ….. State Soldier Vote Bill Passed in Wisconsin ….. 72 Fighter Pilots Honored In First Mustang Awards ….. German Says 3 Carriers Supported Allied Landings ….. Strategic Air Force Can Finish Luftwaffe by Summer Spaatz ….. Fighter Output Already Cut 40 Pct.; Fair Weather Only Need Now / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Arnold Says Nazis Can’t Maintain Air Strength ….. New Big Blows Are Dealt Japs’ Sea, Air Power – Libs Bag 2 Cargo Vessels Off N. Guinea; 100,000 Tons Sunk Since Jan. 14 ….. Nazi HQ in Italy KO’d by Bombs – Surprise Blow by A36s Comes Just Before New Landing by the Army ….. 3 Trapped in Blazing Lib Saved By Rest of Crew After Crash ….. U.S. Lieutenant-Pianist Plays At British Symphony Concert ( 2/Lt. Edward Kilenyi ) ….. 3 More Invasion Depots-290 Buildings-Completed – U.S. Army Engineers Turn Over Triple Sites In ETO to Operational Units; Job Was Done in Less Than 5 Months ….. Planes Thwart Glider-Bomber Attack on Ships – New Weapon, Like Small Monoplane, Falls Wide Of Its Target ….. Out-of-London Red Cross Clubs List Programs for the Week ….. QM Outfit Fetes 6 Children ‘Left Out’ at Christmas Party ….. Goodhart Plans A Visit to Ulster – Composer to Play His Hit Tune There for Yanks’; 14 Shows on Tour ….. 4 Billion in Food Shipped In November Lend-Lease ….. Secret Letter From Knox To an Admiral Is Stolen ….. 578 Pounds Is Donated To Aid Orphans – Competing Fighter Station Squadrons Promise 100 Pounds More Soon ….. Friend of Hess Pleads Guilty to, U.S. Charges ( Wolfgang T. Achtner ) ….. Two-Billion Tax Bill Wins Senate’s Unanimous OK ….. Nazis Hunt a Fleet to Meet Red Threat in Black Sea