The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 18 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 65 – Tuesday, January 18, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Gen. Bradley Is Chosen to Lead U.S. Ground Troops in Invasion; Preliminaries Over Eisenhower – Allied Chief Praises Softening-Up Blows; Maitland Wilson Hints That Assaults In South May Be at France ….. Reds Across Bug River, Nazis Admit – Bitter Fighting in the South; Leningrad Rail Line Cut By New Soviet Drive ….. 3 U.S. Soldiers Die in Wreck of 2 British Trains – 13 Others Hurt in Crash Fatal to Nine Persons In London Suburb ….. Influenza Slims FDR By About Ten Pounds ….. Air Power Alone Cannot Win War in Europe, Tedder Admits ….. ‘Separate Peace Talk’ Stirs Reds – Rumors of British-Nazi Parley Printed; English Officially Deny Story ….. Fourth War Loan Drive Will Start Today in U.S. ….. Allies Seize Two Villages In Slow Drive Into Burma ….. No Quarter From a Bad Penny – Wounded Fort Gunner Bagged At Least 8 Planes, Pals Swear ( S/Sgt. James R. Hamilton on the B-17 ‘Bad Penny’ ) ….. Random Harvest Is Best Movie; ‘Bell Tolls’ Is 2nd ….. Goodrich Heads 8th Service Unit ( Col. Donald R. Goodrich ) ….. P47 Bomb Sight: Two Good Eyes ‘Pilot Intelligence’ Works as Well As the Norden ….. Bradley, U.S. Invaders’ Chief, An Infantryman First and Last ….. 3 Heavy Blows Inflicted on Japs By Allied Units – Sio Falls in New Guinea; Hill Seized in New Britain; 30 Planes Shot Down ….. Mobile Iceboxes Bringing Food to ETO Mess Halls ….. Rules Strike Peril Permits U.S. to Retain Coal Mines ….. Actor Doug Fairbanks Awarded Silver Star ….. Nazi Plant Is Hit In Austrian Alps – Two Fort Raids Top Day Of Varied Attacks; Allies Reach Rapido in Italy ….. U.S. Bazooka Gun Rushed To Reds, Aided ’43 Stand ….. Got That Straight, Gen. Eisenhower? – Germans Estimate Allies Need 6,000 Fighter Planes to Invade ….. 4,000 Die in South America Quake ….. U.S. Offers to Mediate Pole Boundary Dispute ….. U.S. Will Buy More Meat For Lend-Lease Shipments ….. Illinois Passes Measure Giving Troops the Vote – Applies Only to General Election; Soldiers Must Request Ballots ….. Spain Is Actually an Ally Of Germany, Reds Charge ….. 600,000 Continue on Jobs, Delay Social-Security Pay¬†