The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 64 – Monday, January 17, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Brunswick Flattened by 2nd Punch – RAF’s Most Concentrated Raid Devastates Nazi Plane-Building City ….. Eisenhower Arrives in England, Takes Over Invasion Command; Trip to Washington Is Revealed – General Visited FDR, Marshall; Confers With Churchill ….. U.S. State Department Reorganized by Hull ….. Reds Cut Down Enemy Groups West of Mozyr – Nazis Admit Soviet Blows On 14 Sectors; Big Battle Rages Near Vinnitsa ….. Plus a Nickel for Coffee – Gloria, ‘Starving’ on $135,000, Is Sent 2 GI Bucks for a Feed ( Gloria Vanderbilt di Cicco ) ….. DeGaulle, Churchill Talk Over – French Role in Second Front ….. Allies Each Will Occupy 3rd of Reich, Report Says ….. New Agreements Dispel Threat of U.S. Rail Strike ….. RAF Pilots in Middle East Like the Liberator Best ….. Alabama Runoff Is Slated For Rep. Steagall’s Post ….. Yanks Capture Cassino Barrier – Big U.S. Force Knocks Out Nazi Concrete Defenses; French Forge Ahead ….. Crew Bails Out, Fort Pilots Land on Automatic Control ….. RAF Delivers Brunswick KO ….. Romig to Head Bomber Group ( Eugene A. Romig ) ….. Aussies Reach Outskirts of Sio – Vets Gain 7 Miles in Week In Difficult Terrain On New Guinea ….. Officer Is Indicted in Plot Aiding Men Escape Draft ….. P51B News Recalls 1st Mustang Raid in ’42 ….. Paris Is Hotbed Of Will Reports – One Rumor Claims Yanks Have Magnet to Pick Up Guns Off Battlefield ….. First U.S. Victory Ship Is Launched in Oregon ….. Weak Hitter in Baseball, A Power House in a P47 ( Glen D. Schiltz Jr. ) Ohioan Batting Out Singles, Triples Over Reich / By Earl Mazo ….. One of Tito’s Chiefs Wounded in Balkan War Reports Jugoslavs Facing Bigger Nazi Force Than Allies in Italy ….. OPA Aide Sees Rationing’s End By Fall of 1945 – Says Consumers’ Goods Output Will Soar After Germany Is Whipped ….. Sinatra Pays $10,000 For a Set of Muscles ….. Guns Mow Down 4th Chicago Victim Of Gambling War ( Benjamin Zuckerman ) ….. Study Loan Plan to Set Up Servicemen in Business ….. N. Mexico Goes to Court To Obtain Vote for Troops ….. British Prepare In U.S. for Japs – Fleet Air Arm Pilots Get Set There for Aerial War Against Nippon ….. 3 Felons in Prison Indicted In ’37 Coast Gem Robbery ….. Escaped Italian Captives Seized at Mexican Border