The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 14 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 62 – Friday, January 14, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Nazis Strike Back Fiercely in Ukraine – Fight to Save Rail Lifeline To S. Russia – Reds Sweep Past Sarny For Pinsk, Periled Also By New Push in North ….. FDR Asks 100 Billions For War in Coming Year – Demands Congress Enact 10.5-Billion Tax Measure ….. Rome Bombed, Germans Say – Allied Craft Over Vatican, Radio Declares; Height Before Cassino Falls ….. U.S. Unit Now Helps Man London’s Ack-Ack Guns ….. Sofia Will Be Evacuated, Turkish Report Declares ….. Entire 15th AF Is Moved From Africa to Italy Bases ….. Formosa Aluminum Plant Is Left in Flames by Libs ….. Arnold Cites Value of Big Reich Blow – 152 Fighters Shot Down Tuesday, 60 Bombers Lost, Revisions Show ….. Camps Closing On U.S. Coasts – Commands Consolidated To Free Troops for Duty Overseas ….. U.S. Destroyer Brownson Sunk Off Cape Gloucester ….. Army Casualties Total 105,229 Up to Dec. 23 ….. New Mustang Kicks Nazis Around Long Range P51B Is an Escort on U.S. Attacks ….. German-Born Yank Saves Pals By Talking Nazis Into Surrender / By Homer Bigart ….. Indictment Charges Chase Bank With Plot in Sales of Diamonds – Accused of Making Deals With the Japs Possible; Allegation Ridiculed ….. Halsey Pledges Crippling Blows Against Already-Reeling Japs ….. Planes Sink Two More U-Boats; 150 Destroyed in Six Months ….. Air Base Shifts Open Jap Supply Lines to Attack – Enemy Forced to Evacuate Section of Coastline On New Guinea¬†