The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 60 – Wednesday, January 12, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … FDR Asks Manpower Draft for War Jobs – Would Ban Strikes, Fix ‘Realistic’ Tax, Control Food Prices – Bill Now in Congress Would Call Up Men 18 to 65 and Women 18 to 50 for Factory or Work on Farms ….. Forts, Libs Again Bomb NW Reich – Travelers in Stockholm Say Berlin Attacked By Lone Planes ….. Soviets Crash Forward, Imperil Nazi Life-Line – Russians 90 Miles from Rumania in Twin Push Aimed to Sever North-South Railroad And Trap Nazis in Dnieper Bend ….. Reds Will Retain Polish Territory ….. U.S. Fighters Destroy 4 for 1 In One of Most Bitter Battles ….. Cervaro Taken By Fifth Army; Sofia Bombed – Allies Draw Within 3 Miles Of Cassino as Assault On Balkans Mounts ….. Soldiers’ Pants Too Tight, An Army Survey Shows ….. U.S. Air Forces At Their Peak ….. FDR Bans Congressmen From the Armed Forces ….. Lights, Ice Cream Thrill British Workers in U.S. ….. Allied Engineers in Italy Forced To Build 200 Bridges So Far ….. Fifth Air Force Libs Raid Jap Base in Celebes – Big Tank, Artillery Assault On New Britain Slows Enemy Resistance ….. Libs Continue Raids On Marshall Islands ….. Stage Star Dies On ETO Tour ( Charlie King ) ….. ETO Poll on’44 Stirs GOP Row – Spangler Reveals Officers Sampled EM’s Votes; Convention in Chicago ….. British Decorate 18 U.S. Generals – Lt. Gen. Bradley Among 31 Yanks Given Awards By King’s Order ….. Truman Predicts Part of Nation Soon Will Face Unemployment – Cancellation of Federal Contracts May Bring Manpower Surplus ….. Rocket-Propelled Mail is Latest Scheme in U.S. ….. Col. Hobby Eats Steak and Cake At WACs Mess