The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 58 – Monday, January 10, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Nazi Position Critical in Dnieper Bend – Kirovograd Seized, Russians Smash On For Vital Rail Lines – Threaten to Split German Armies in Two In Ukraine; New Drive On West of Gomel; Reds 5 Miles From Sarny ….. Reich Gas Center Is ‘Wiped Out’ – Neutrals Cite Effect Of Big U.S. Blow At Ludwigshafen ….. Carrier-Borne U.S. Bombers Bag 21 of 27 U-Boats Sunk ….. New Army Night Fighter Is the P61 Black Widow ….. Nazis Give Way Again Before 5th – Allies Seize Giusta, Open 3-Mile Breach in Front Guarding Cassino ….. Knox Says Japs’ Navy Not Afraid – Enemy Fleet Only Waiting Chance When Odds Are Against the U.S. ….. Another 1,000 Japs Are Slain In New Britain – Marines Push On 2 Miles To Gain Vital Ground in Fierce Pacific Battle ….. 5th Air Force Is Using Old Bl7s as Fighter-Transports ….. 100,000 German Prisoners In U.S: But Only 377 Japs ….. Invasion of Europe May See Jet Planes in Action Seversky ….. ‘INVASION CHATTER’ – Tale of Landing In Jugoslavia Is Laid to Berlin – Merely a Constant Flow Of Help, Allies Say; Nazis Full of Jitters Talk ….. Berlin Claims Scharnhorst Raided Big Troop Convoy ….. Dewey Gaming In GOP Favor – Gallup Poll Shows He Has 37 Pct. of Party’s Voters Behind Him in East ….. New Drug Gramacidin – Is Said to Rival Penicillin ….. New Reich Alert System Will Tell Size of Raids ….. Seeing That We Outdrive Hitler – Bobby Jones Is in ETO, Helping To Fashion a New Grand Slam ….. Price-Control Plea To FDR Nets Ann, Just Ten, a Puppy ….. Col. Hobby Reaches ETO To Inspect WAC Stations ….. The Waters Part, and What Should Appear but a Jeep ….. ‘Exposure Suit’ Protects Airmen Forced to ‘Ditch’ ….. Georgia Bans the Poll Tax For Troops to Allow Vote ….. ‘Scottsboro’ Negroes Paroled ….. 13 USO Shows Touring ETO – 17 Now Available, a New Record, but 4 Are Resting; Week’s Schedule Listed ….. RAF’s Slessor Is Named Gen. Eaker’s Chief Deputy ….. New Glider Can Carry 30 Soldiers, One Jeep ….. Gunner’s Turret Plexi-Glass Smashed Twice in Same Day ( S/Sgt. Martin R. Griffin of B-26 ‘Hell’s Angels’ ) ….. Truman Group Assails Alaskan Oil Deal by U.S. – Senators Condemn Army For Demanding that Big Project Be Completed ….. Florida Resorts Are Overflowing – Vacationers Find Haven In State; Business Best Since ’29 ….. Thieves Quick to Unload Some Hot Loot Radium ….. Hold Conventions In Chicago ODT Asks Both Parties ….. Rules a Woman May Quit Early to Powder Her Nose ….. Mrs. Herbert Hoover Dies Of Heart Ailment in N.Y. ….. Yank Experts Beat Nazis on New Weapons – Technicians Insist Allies’ Arms Outdate Much of German Equipment ….. American Hebrew Magazine Gives Irving Berlin Its ’43 Medal ….. Prisoners Work to Insure Philadelphia Water Supply ….. Orphans’ Fund Passes 40,000 Pounds – Technician Group Sends 230 Pounds for Two Children; Now Sponsors Nine ….. Threw Sgt. Into Mudhole; He May Get a Medal for It ( T/Sgt. Edward W. Kynowski and T/Sgt. Ogden B. Richardson ) ….. Father Establishes Annual Air Award In Honor of 2 Sons ( Frank G. Brewer Sr. ) ….. Plenty of Life in the Dead Letter Office – Addresses Snafu, They Find Needles in That APO Haystack ….. Out-of-London ARC Clubs List Week’s Events – Dancing Classes Gaining In Favor; Two USO Shows to Appear ….. Lamour Will Sell Bonds, Male Distraction or Not ….. Soviet Drive Electrifies the World Berlin Admits War Hinges on Result of Present Battles ….. Predicts Weak Nazi Foundation May Collapse on Day of Invasion