The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 53 – Tuesday, January 4, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Berlin in Flames; Evacuation Rumored – 1,000 Tons of Bombs Showered on Capital In Tenth Mass Attack – 50 Trains Each Day To Speed Exodus, Madrid Hears ….. Barrier to Polish Border Falls – Reds 10 Miles From Line In New Push – Vital Rail Junction Seized; Nazi Flight or Collapse In Dnieper Bend Seen ….. Yanks By-Pass Japs, Seize Base – 6th Army Takes Saidor, New Guinea, to Cut Foe’s Supply Line ….. Pescara Drive Slow and Hard – Canadians Gaining Despite Bitter Fighting; Weather Quiets Other Fronts ….. U.S. Destroyer Blows Up Near Sandy Hook, N.J. ….. Arnold Warns Blitz of Japan Will Be Neither Easy Nor Soon ….. Stockholm Reports Allies Land on Jugoslav Coast ….. Italy Where Japs ( 442nd ) Fight Germans Yanks in Miniature Proving Hefty in Combat Stature ….. ‘Old Timers’ Overseas Demand Some Kind of Ribbon to Prove It / By Hal Boyle ….. Yankee Ingenuity Finds Ways To Jazz Up Pre-Payday Blues – Ordnance Men Forestall Bankruptcy at Month’s End By Making Lighters, Planes, Emblems, Etc.; Holding Raffles, Even Shooting Emblems ….. Air Blows Soon For Burma Japs – U.S. Air Chief Declares Foe Practically Forced To Quit Rangoon ….. Londoners See What It Takes To Plaster Reich in Daylight ….. Reno Mill Sets Record in 1943 -5,884 Divorces – And for 1st Time in Years, Courts Refuse a Decree In Single Instance ….. Leap from Crippled Fortress Proves Fatal for 5 Airmen