The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 03 (PDF)


Vol. 4 No. 52 – Monday, January 3, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Soviets 21 Miles From Poland; Drive Threatens Rail Line Vital To Entire Nazi Front in South – Germany’s Defenses Crumbling Over Vast Sector ….. Berlin Is Hit As ’44 Aerial Blows Begin – German Capital Gets Ninth Heavy Pounding; France Is Hammered Anew ….. Spaatz Is Here; Rumor Is Rife On Eisenhower – He May Have Left Africa; Madrid Sees Gibraltar As HQ for Invasion ….. Fort ( B17E ) on First U.S. Raid Still Doing a Job in ETO ….. 74,000 Tons Dropped By Mediterranean Force ….. New Bougainville Airfield Only 850 Miles from Truk ….. January to See Completion Of U.S. Two-Ocean Navy ….. S & S Reporter on a Berlin Raid Tells; How Britain Is Paying Off an Old Debt / By G. K. Hodenfield ….. Canadians Edge Ahead as Storms Grip Entire Line – 8th Army Nears Pescara: U.S. Navy in Daring Foray off Genoa ….. Marines Get Set For Jungle Trek – All Cape Gloucester Japs Dead as Seebees Rush Airport Repairs ….. Italian Aliens in the States Soon May Face Draft Call ….. 150,000 People in Gomel In ’40 – Not One Left Today ….. A Blessed Event Saves AWOL WAC in Italy ….. Reich Economy At Its Limit Now – Can’t Be Expanded to Meet Demands of a New Front, U.S. Agency Declares ….. First Negro Paratroopers Will Be Organized in U.S. ….. Nazis Execute 9 Belgians For Aiding Allied Airmen ….. 70% of Reich’s Fighters Facing Eighth Air Force – Eaker Tells U.S. by Radio That 1943 Vindicated Precision Bombing ….. Plants in States Deliver 86,000 Aircraft in Year – Giant Industrial Machine Approaches Peak Output In Record-Breaking ’43 ….. U.S. to Get Fewer Tires And Less Gasoline in ’44 ….. War Puts 375 G-Men to Work Unraveling Mysteries of Codes ….. Important Assignment Due For Marine Gen. Holcomb ….. Secret Weapons Of Allies, Axis Are Described – ‘Magic Eye’ Aids Planes In Fog; Glider-Bomb of Nazis Is Neutralized ….. Yanks to Study At Cambridge – The First of Six One-Week Courses to Begin Jan. 17 For U.S. Soldiers ….. 14 Camp Shows On ETO Circuit – Two New Ones Keep List At Peak; Schedule for Week Is Offered ….. Orphans’ Fund Nears 40,000 – 367 Is Sent by an Infantry Outfit; New Sponsoring Units Are Listed ….. 8th Air Force’s Exhibit to Open ….. Composer ( Irving Berlin ) Fetes Dancer ( Capt. Henry W. Dick ) Injured in Fort ….. Japanese Prefer DeathAnd Japanese Get It, One Way or AnotherĀ