The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 51 – Saturday, January 1, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … U.S. Air Fleet Hits Occupied Countries – All-Day Offensive Follows Record Blow At Targets in Reich – Munitions Posts in France Main Targets; Over 1,700 American Planes Used In Greatest Mission Thursday ….. ’43 Turns U.S. Air Theory Into Fact ….. Zhitomir Falls, Russians Crash Ahead – Wedge Driven Deep Toward Bug River; Vitebsk Cut Off ….. ‘Twas the Night Before 1944, And in ETO Nothing Stirred ….. Marines Shatter Jap Defenses to Seize Airfields – Yanks Win First Round Of New Britain Battle By Big Assault ….. N.Y. Is Laying Out 30 Million Dollars To Get a Hangover ….. Board Is Set Up to Probe Medical Standards in Draft ….. Crystal – Gazing Into 1944 ….. 1943 Saw Air Theories Of U.S. Become Facts Cold Tonnage Data Bears Up Faith In Day Bombing ….. RAF Dropped 4 Times its ’42 Tonnage in ’43 ….. Eighth Reported Shelling Pescara On the Adriatic – Fighting Flares Up on Both Fronts; Planes Hit Behind Lines ….. ‘This Is Army’ Film Is Shown ….. U.S. ’43 Spending Beats 150 Previous Years’ Total ….. Play-by-Play of Bowl Games May Be Broadcast by AFN ….. ‘Fall Guy’ Lands Some Fall Guys – ‘Paratrooper’s’ Hoax Nets $20, Makes City Feel Like 2 Cents ….. Railroad Unions And Army in Tift On Strike Issue – Walkout Only Postponed, Says Capital; Men Attack Termination of Parleys ….. Mayor of Berlin Concedes His City’s Now a Shambles ….. USAAF Pilots Assigned To Fly RAF Beaufighters ….. Transport in New Mexico Again Crippled by Snows ….. British Captain Awarded American Silver Star ….. Esquire Banned From Mails; It’s, Not Educational¬†