The Spearhead Doughboy 1945 11 nr 20 (PDF)



E Co. Leads Mess Contest, Charles Gantos, Joseph J. Morrison, John V. Gasparro ….. Spearhead Deactivation ….. Chaplain’s Corner, Obedience in Peace Time ….. Mrs. Rose Thanks 3rd Armored ….. Sweethearts of the Man of 36th: Irma Finne, Alicia Teja, Vi Grudzien, Thomas P. Forrestal, Eugene Carboni, John Hallisey ….. Cpl. Hacker Applies For Civil Service ….. First Party a Success: 120German girls from Bad Mergentheim ….. GIs answer question of the week: William P. Lower, Ralph E. Wagner, Ernest Wales, Robert G. Vredenburg ….. Brown Nose, Pfc. Lewis B. Richards ….. New Sgt. Major James G. Johnson ….. Mike “The Fuhrer” Vernamonti …. Civilian Driver Spills Spuds ….. Special Boxing Match – 3rd Armored vs 508 Paratroopers