The Spearhead Doughboy 1945 07 15 nr 05 (PDF)



A Letter From Lt. Col. Orr ….. Regiment Assembles For The Last Time -36 Infantry Regiment, Rot am See ….. Letter From General Collins to General Hickey, 3rd Armored Division Chaplain’s Corner – GIs and sex ….. Under The Sun by T/5 by Ken Danielsen ….. Sweethearts of Men of the 36th, Betty Earl of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mrs Frances Melnick, Norristown, Pennsylvania. Miss Marie Yaccarino, Brooklyn, New York. Mrs. Marjorie L. Brown, San Francisk co, Calif. Miss Phyllis Knipprath, Miss, Louise Clark, St. Louis, Missouri ….. I Remember by Capt. Leland M. Cook ….. Regimental Colors and Staff – Leland M. Cook, Lamar Welch, William R. Orr, Earl Bloxham, H.A. Brown ….. Looking Back at The Major Operations – Breakthrough to Paderborn, Mons, Belgium, battle of Fromentel ….. Pages of Memories with Photos, 3rd Armored Division in Normandy, Colonel Robert L. Howze, Gen. Doyle Hickey, Mausbach, Gen. Maurice Rose, Panther tank in Cologne, crossing Rhine River ….. S/Sgt Albert Anderson, T/Sgt. Blaine C. Hilegas, Pfc. Ildo Bianchi, S/Sgt. Robert W Schuet ….. Pictures of Gerabronn Fire, Captain Earl Bloxham ….. Children of Menof the 36th: Wayne Douglas Mellon, Beverly Jean Orr, Frances Vivian Welch, Glenda Lee Baska, Richard Louis Treme