The Mule 1945 05 11 vol.1 nr 09 (PDF)



Pledge to Finish Missions Made in V-E Order
Photo Maj. Gen Ray E Porter exchanges warm greetings Russian commandant of Stalag 6
75th Division Participates in May Day Fete- Hemar Prisoner of War Camp- Col. Carl F. Duffner, Maj Gen. Ray E. Port
Former Pws get Boost in 291st- PFC Robert C. Barrington of Springfield Ill, PFC Arthur D. Jevens of Arlington, VA, and Pvt. William C Jahssen of Milwaukee, Wisc
Russian Women Can Recognize Americans by their cigarettes
5,000 Military Pilot Get Private Licenses
Vet Organization in one family- 75th Division- Sgt. Harry CP. Combs, Sgt. Herbert R. combs, Co. A 772nd, and Pvt. George G. Combs, Co. F 280tjh Infantry- Sgt. Albert P. Combs, Lt. Genevieve W. combs and Elizabeth M. Combs
Veterans Offered New Opportunities, Joe college stuff not for GI
PFC Walter E. Wickman of Charlie company 289th Inft. Keeps firing after receiving wound
Finds Abortion Hospital for Slave Women- Fluedersbach, Siegen, Lt. John H Herz investigated the other shocking system by which the Nazis attempted to perpetuate their master race myth came to light Dr. Wittaut was the Nazified civilian doctor As early as 1941 an order by Heinrich Himmler made it mandatory that the women of Easter Europe undergo an abortion to prevent these slave laborers from being long absent from their jobs and to have fewer mouths to feed in Germany.
Photo of Annette Sorrell, daughter of the Polish Consul General in NY
Colorful guard unfurls flag at 289th retreat
Photo of a French POW saved from death by a blood transfusion 1st Sgt. Grank E. Gendron and cpl. John W. Lucas
May Day Celebration Marks Liberation of Russian Prisoners- photo Maj. Gen. Ray E. Porter
Tass Agency Correspondent Writes of Nazi Prision Life- by Arc. Chernishev and POW in Stalag 6 for 17 months
Photo Pfc. Robert C. Latham 3d bn. 289th infantry
Capture Nazi Luftwaffe Pilots in 291st Area
Four Man Patrol gets Nazi Pilot- Pvt. Robert E. Smith, Pfc. George R. Bonvie, Elston R. Boldrey, and Earle J. Gallander
Liberated Slave Laborers Prepare for the Long Journey Home
Photos of Germans tearing up pictures of Hitler
Photo of 1939 Winter Olympics Maj. Montgomery Wilson75th Division Artillery