The Mule 1945 02 15 vol.1 nr 01 (PDF)



Gen. Porter Commands 75th, Veteran Officer Won Distinction In North Africa¬† Maj. Gen. Porter Hails Divisions’ Achievements
French General Lauds Divisin – General DeLattre
Meritorious Plaque To Service Company; 289th Infantry, Capt. John F. Burk, Jr.
Buzz Bomb Boomerangs; Pfc. Edward W. Fegan
Five GI’s Liberte Village And Civilians ‘Went Wild’; village of Cierreux, Dennis L. Sabo, Donald F. Diesbach, Thomas H. Lees, John S. Monteith, Joseph Crawford G.I. Equipment Helps Doughboy Escape Nazi Guards; Pfc. Eugene Eliasoph
75th Gets Baptism Of Fire; Veterans Of Two Battles, Ardennes salient and Colmar Pocket
Keeping Trim – Beverly Tylor
Don’t Shoot Shute – Ray W. Shute
Corps Commander Commends Division as ‘Outstanding”; Maj. Gen. F.W. Milburn
Nobody In Here But Is Chickens! Lt. J.S. Wicker
Buddies Say Bonde Is Best Boche Bagger In Division; T-Sgt. Odilo Bonde
Texas Cook Delivers Calf Under Shellfire – Pfc. Ubo Kovacevick, 290th Infantry
Engineers Use Poop To Clear Mines; Vielsalm, Belgium, Lt. Franck J. Streno and Lt. L.B. Johnson
Lips That Touch Liquor Won’t Talk, Dammit; Salm-Chateau
Three Men In 289th Receive Silver Stars; Pvt. Leon A. Killian, 2nd Lt. Lamont G. MacDonald, Maj. Henry K. Fluck
Everything Stops For Chow, Even Battles; T-5 Franck R. Dungan
Photo – 2nd Lt. William A. Corner and Col. Douglas Smith; First Sergeant Wins First Battlefield Commission in Div.
Two Enlisted Men Will Enter Military Academy; Sgt. Edwin J. Jagodzinski and Cpl. Richard E. Owens