The Martin Star 1945 08 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 7
Cover: When the original Martin Mars, the “Old Lady,” returned recently from transport duty in the Pacific to Patuxent Naval Station and the Martin plant, two photographers flew to a point near Patuxent to get pictures of the last leg the flight. In the camera ship were Howard Kleuber taking movies, and Lee Dougherty, shooting stills in both black and white and color. The cover this month is from one of Lee’s Ansco color transparencies. ……. Articles Inside: … Production Expert ( W. C. Miles ) ….. A Dream Comes True ….. Spearhead of Invasion – A Martin service man. Wade Epperson, reveals some information about PBM operations in the Pacific which have already been given wide circulation. It’s a swell job those ships are doing. ….. “Hawaii Mars,” First of New Giant Flying Boats, Christened at Colorful Ceremonies – Distinguished guests from Navy, Army, State and City attend launching. Thousands thrilled at seeing world’s two largest flying boats in air. Work on 19 others being” rushed. ….. The Autobiography of the Blue Goose ( PBM ) By Earl Tucker ….. This is WGLM ** The Martin Broadcasting System – A very tight little network is the MBS, whose total power wouldn’t excite envy in a commercial broadcaster, but it’s just about the biggest thing of its kind and doing a bang-up job. ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. From Here There Everywhere ….. Photo Pages ….. Hobbies – Sculptor, Timetables and Indian Costumes ….. If You Gotta Ditch a B-29…Here’s How! ….. Oregon Trail 1945 Version – Today’s Oregon Trail being in the great northwest and heads westward to Tokyo. But today’s travelers are as intrepid as those of Lewis and Clark – and they fly and fight in PBMs. ….. It’s Easy…If You Just Know How!… – Entertaining Youngsters ….. Martin Star Players ….. The Martin Girl ….. Perfect Method of Picturing Takeoffs ….. The B-29 Firebomb – M-69 ….. Oddments at Martin’s!