The Martin Star 1944 03 (PDF)


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Vol. III No. 2
Cover: As Martin Turrets move along the Sinclair Division assembly line on their way to be installed on planes for combat duty at aerial war fronts all over the world, Charles Cignatta, Photo Laboratory Dept., caught the excellent Kodachrome shot on the cover of this issue. Charley is fast becoming as well known for his color pictures as he is for his spaghetti and other “palate delights” ( see story in this issue ) ……. Articles Inside: … Duties as Varied as Allahs’ Names ( Waid V. Clark ) ….. Salute to Sinclair! ….. Martin Turrets on all War Fronts – In aerial combat all over the world you’ll find Martin turrets aiding and protecting our fighters in their battle to smash the Axis. ….. Mariners in Pacific ….. Shadow of the Future ….. “Taiyo Dantyaku” – The Silver Fleet in Action – New Guinea Natives Help With Ground Crew Duties ….. Twenty for the Navy ( JRM-1 ) ….. Blueprints For Efficiency ….. Rubber Sheeting Substituted for Grease on Stretching Machine ….. Martin Technicians at War Fronts ….. Requests for Pictures Reach 100 Each Day ….. Martin Juke Box ….. First B-Layout Women Engineers to Work on Drafting Boards ….. “Just Like Home” – Martinettes Find Their Jobs Similar to Household Tasks ….. Spare-Time Hobbies – Boat Builder ( Herman Koplin ) – They Grow Potted Plants ( Charles and Mary Barnes ) ….. Mariners Patrol Over Rio ….. Chief Cook and Photographer ( Charles Cignatta ) ….. World Famous Sign Guest Book ….. The R.A.A.F. Service Boys Have Slang of Their Own ….. Martineer Lived in Hunter’s Paradise in Belgian Congo ….. Drop in Foreign Mail Disappoints Philatelists ….. Woodworkers