The Martin Star 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 12
Cover: Martineers who posed for the cover on this issue of the STAR are, from left to right: Isabelle Greenlay, Cafeteria; Margaret Roberts, Metal Benches and Welding; Anna Rumbley, Protection; Marian Willson, Telephone Switchboard, and Leanna Law, Hospital. Third shift photographer Harry Little made the shot. ……. Articles Inside: … All-Around Aircraft Man ( Robert Young, Superintendent, Plant 1 ) ….. Another Year of War ….. Albert Kahn, Architect, is Dead – Designer helped greatly in plant expansion. ….. Merit Award is Presented to 29 Men and Women ….. Plan to Add Special Lab for Tests – “Cold Room” and “Altitude Chamber” to be built ….. Scope of War Effort Amazes Polish Premier – Leader of exiled government is Plant Visitor ( Premier Wladyslaw Sikorski ) ….. Transportation Covers Million Miles a Year ….. Martin Hospitals are a Miracle of Wartime – 13 Units Equipped to Handle Any Emergency ….. Telephone System a Great maze of Wires, Lights and Statistics ….. New Year’s Eve Cinderellas ….. Heard Here and There – Around the Martin Plants ….. Photo Pages ….. News from the War Fronts – B-26 ‘Proved’ as Fighter in Year of War ….. Martin Bombers Need No Escort, Reynolds Finds ….. Box Kites to Bombers – Transport By Air Takes a Pioneer Into New Field ( Chapter XI ) ….. Tommy Taylor : Engineer, Pioneer, Martineer – Air Career Began When He ‘Thumbed’ Ride 13 Years Ago – Flew Chinese Army Payroll to Avoid Bandits on River ….. Nebraska Women Learn to Build Bombers Quickly ….. What Betty Thought of Martin’s: The Impressions of a Schoolgirl ….. Handbooks for Victory ….. Sports and Recreation – 1942 A Banner Year in Martin Sports Parade ….. Martin Company Gives John Hix Cartoon Ideas ….. Inspection Starts in a Classroom