The Martin Star 1942 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 1
Articles Inside: … A Message From the Chief
Hitch Your Wagon
High Stakes
Now We Have Reached Our Full Growth – Martin Prepared Early
Ship With Wings
Photo Pages
Box Kites to Bombers – How Nation’s Oldest Plane Firm Became Also One of the Largest
We had with Us Yesterday – Guests at Martin
Heard Here and There – Around the Martin Plants
Sports and Recreation – World’s Biggest Bowling League
News From the War Fronts [ Dutch Bomb Two Jap Warships, Two Transports – When Cairo was Worried – Dutch Sink Jap Transport – Marylands Beat Messerschmitts ]
The Big Broadcast
Better Late Than Never
Guardians of Our Safety By E. A. Schurman “Chief of Protection”