The Halyard 1944 07 01 (PDF)



Vol. 5 No. 1 ……. Cover: H-Hour at Kearny – Silent prayer for success. That was the reaction of the Kearny Pipe Shop to news of invasion on the morning of June 6th. the Halyard photographer had no advance notice: he was not there at 1:30 a.m. But – the next morning that scene was re-enacted for our camera and with the same deep feeling. We all felt that way. ……. Inside Articles: … Man Power That Makes Sea Power [ Hundred Percenters – Manuel Torea’s Carpenters gang no absenteeism for a month. John Goldie, Bill Evans, Andy Hlavack, Dominick De Lorenz, Bruno Tlusty, Jess Posmentier; Torea, Joe Kanopa, Vince Pesce, John Chalupa, Jack Goncalves and Julio Vazquez. ….. All Wrapped Up ( Paul Ilovichny ) ….. Hugo on Half Shells ( Hugo Schneegas ) ….. Bud Gorman ….. Shipyard Clean Sweep ( Bill Pettigrew, John Delessio, Gabriel Nagy, J. Nagy, V. Conroy, Ray Gottchalk and Angela Frogliossi ) ….. Look Down ( Chester Nowosieiki and Bill Witterschein ) ….. “Jitterbug” ( Alex Stevenson ) ] ….. Two Pages of Pictures Showing How We Support Invasion with Dollars in the Fifth War Loan Drive ….. Ships will Win the War! ….. Our Total Ships for War 183! – Federal Builds Nine Different Types ….. How Federal Learned of D-Day in France ….. Kearny Welder Reports on D-Day – Tells of experiences on desperately fought American Beachhead in France ( Francis J. Augusta ) ….. Victory Signs Greet Kearny Newscast on D-Day