The Halyard 1944 03 15 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 6

Cover: A C-2-AKA gets a “facial.” A bit of last minute action, preparing 10,000 tons for its Big Slide. On the day before a launching, men on long ladders and in boatswain’s chairs, and using spray guns up to ten feet in length do a touch-up paint job on the shell of a towering ship at Kearny.

Inside Articles:

Admiral Land, Skipper and Engineer Praise Federal Tanker Performance

Amphibious Hero – DE-508 named for Private John J. Gilligan USMC

Meet George Conklin USMC – Awarded Navy Cross and DE-439 named for Him

From Midway Flat-Top – Ensign John David Roche awarded Navy Cross and DE-197 named for Him

Battle Music: Shipyard Cigarette Funds buy music for ships from Kearny

War Paintings by Lt. Dwight Shepler – US Navy Combat Artist

Order of the Day

We Win 3-Star “E”

The Halyard Somewhere

War Production Drive Enlists 7,000,000

Port Newark a Triple Threat – Three Types of Fighting Ships Now Under Construction There