The Field Artillery Journal 1944 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 34 No. 10 ……. Cover: On our cover appears the latest use of the 105-mm howitzer. Mounted in the M-4 (“Sherman”) tank, it combines the mobility of an M-7 motor carriage with full armor protection. It gives this medium tank its heaviest firepower to date. ….. Articles:
Muzzle Brake Variants
New Time Fire Techniques By Lt. A. C. Chapin, USMC, and Lt. H. W. Oliver, USMCR
Time Plot Observed-Fire Chart By Col. George D. Crosby, FA
Supply Discipline
Normandy Effect
Normandy: Armored RSOP and Survey By Lt. David E. Olson, FA
The Corps RO in Combat By Lt. Col. Joseph R. Couch, FA
Survey Aspects in SWPA By Lt. John W. Hughes, FA
Mine Sweeper, Land Style
Notice of Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Celebes By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
A Plea for Simplification By Lt. Col. M. L. Curry, USMC
Feldherr Hitler and the Hedgehog By Stefan T. Possony
Projectile Vise By Lt. William H. Rosee, FA
Trends in Field Artillery Organization and Equipment
Bassing Off Kraut By Maj. Edward A. Raymond, FA
Occupying a TD Position – Sequence of Events By Lt. Col. G. D. W. Court, M.C., R.A.
Ammunition Care By Capt. Herbert W. Pike, FA
Artillery Ammunition
Artillery in Attacks on Stone Villages By Col. Francis H. Boucher, FA
Extending Accurate Observation By Lt. Col. Edward R. Melton, FA
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Field Artillery Observation – Conclusion
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews