The Field Artillery Journal 1944 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 34 No. 8 ……. Cover: This Month’s cover gives another bow to the “heavies.” An 8″ howitzer is firing at night during the offensive against Mt. Camino. ….. Articles:
8″ Gun in Italy
Employment of Artillery in Italy By Col. N. P., Morrow, FA
German Oddities
Breaking the Gustav Line By Lt. Col. Joseph R. Couch, FA
AA Skirmishers By Maj. Edward A. Raymond, FA
O.A.C. Preliminaries By Lt. Col. George C. Duehring, FA
Counterbattery By Lt. Col. Walter Thomas, Jr., FA
Counterbattery-Right Now! By Capt. Edward G. Seidel, FA
Corps and Non-Divisional Artillery Artillery Part I By Lt. Col. D. S. Somerville, FA
Malaya By Col. Conrad H, Lanza
Shell Separator, Again
Artillery Operations of the New Georgia Campaign By Brig. Gen. Harold R. Barker, U.S.A.
Artillery Support of Foot Cavalry By Lt. Col. Charles E. Brady, Cav.
Make Your Gunnery Practice Realistic! Part III
Correction for Aiming Post Displacement By Col. William C. Huggins, FA
Aiming Post Deflection Correction Table for 155-mm Gun Ml By Lt. Col. Frank H. Skelly, FA
Simplified Coordinate Scale By Maj. C. R. Plankenhorn, FA
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Pertinent Ideas, Old and New From the F.A.S.
Maintenance Problems with Tractor M5 By Capt. Edmund J. Murphy, FA.
Fighting the Uncommon Cold
When Your Outfit Moves by Rail By Capt. Lauren K. Soth, FA
Emergency Wire Laying by Liaison Airplane By Lt. Col. Gordon J. Wolf, FA
FDC and the Artillery Air Observer By Maj. Ivan E. Jackson, FA
The Air OP is Here to Stay By Capt. John W. Oswalt, FA
To All Units
Observation in Support of Armor By Maj. Sydney S. Combs, FA
Use of range Drums in Medium Tanks By Maj. E. D. Lucas
Are You Getting Full Elevation on Your 3″ Gun?
New Angles on Determination of Direction By Lt. William S. Livingston, FA
A CP Table for DivArty Operations Section By Lt. Col. R. B. Shreve, FA
Ideas are Weapons By Lt. G. B. Vail, FA
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews