The Field Artillery Journal 1945 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 35 No. 6 ……. Cover: On our cover is a 105-mm howitzer firing from the Huertgen Forest west of Dueren, last November. ….. Articles:
Organizing Artillery Battalions in China By Col. Donald Q. Harris, FA
Trends in Field Artillery Organization and Equipment By Maj. Shirley B. Metzger, FA, and Maj. Irvine F. Belser, Jr., FA
Methods for Improving Jungle Radio Communication By Col. J. R. Wheaton, FA
Packboard for Jungle Communications By Capt. George W. Reitz, FA
Early Luzon Experience By Capt. J. Richard Hearn, FA
Artillery in the Bougainville Campaign By Capt. John C. Guenther, Inf
Single OP Observation By “Granston”
Combined Conduct of Fire By Maj. Howard F. Buck, FA, and Maj. Bert J. Dunlap, FA
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
F.D.C. Expedients in the E.T.O By Capt. William R. English, FA
F.A.S. Events
Land-Based Rockets
Full Use of Field Artillery By Maj. Gen. John A. Crane
T/OS & ES for FA as of 10 Apr 45
Garigliano Mission By Scorpion Staff
Artillery vs. A German Bridge By Capt. Carl F. Maples
Formosa By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Artillery in Wooded Swamps By Maj. A. Zapadov
How Artillery Captured a Town By Col. Boris Samoilov
Night Aerial Observation By Capt. William H. Kashner, FA, and Capt. Archibald M. Rodgers, FA
A Motor Officer’s Guide By Col. H. J. Crigger, FA
Diary of War Events
Book Reviews