The Field Artillery Journal 1944 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 34 No. 4 ……. Cover: Britain’s 4.5 Gun has proved to be one of this war’s most dependable weapons. It was in its glory in Africa’s open country, but even in the mountains of Sicily and Italy it has proved highly useful for accurate shooting at greater ranges than howitzers can fire. It does not, of course, have the range or punch of our 155-mm gun, M-1; on the other hand its lighter weight gives it greater mobility. The one shown on this month’s cover is on the move in Italy. Smoke in the background is from a forest fire started by German mortar shells. ….. Articles:
Istanbul By Col. Lowell M. Riley, FA
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Wire in Armored Artillery By CommO
Among Those Baptized By Capt. Howard A. Smith, Jr., FA Straight from the Front
“The Hymn of Hate” By Lt. Col. Earl W. Huntting, Inf
Officers are Gentlemen
“Play the Game, Mister King!” By Maj. Herbert B. Mayer, CMP
A Better Way to Mass the Battalion By Capt. Clyde W. Snider, FA
Which Round is Mine? By Maj. John R. Crossen, FA
Infantry and Tank By Capt. Sydney S. Combs, FA
Armored Artillery Communication By Lt. Col. E. H. Burba, FA
Tanks as Auxiliary Artillery By Lt. T. P. Rand, FA
“Over Hill, Over Dale, Over Bridges?” By Lt. John A. Lane, FA
Ammunition Loading Charts
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Artillery, 105-mm Class
Artillery in the Breakthrough of a Defense Zone By Maj. Gen. F. A. Samsonov
High Speed Field Artillery Tractors
Attached Automatic Weapons BN (AAA) By Maj. Harold J. Bluhm, FA
A Method for Target Survey from Dual Ops By Lt. Col. J. S. Letcher, USMC
Firing on Water-Borne Targets By T/4 John L. Denning, Jr., FA
Aerial Observation, SW Pacific Style By Capt. William B. Craig, FA
High Angle Fire in FDC By Capt. Robert P. Wills, FA
Something New in Gunnery By Lt. Col. T. A. Lowe, D.S.O., M.C.
Use of Base-Ejection Smoke Shell
Number One Out, Sir! By Lt. John J. Pullen, FA
Britain’s 6 Howitzer By Maj. Gen. H. Rowan-Robinson, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.
Britain’s PIAT ( Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank )
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
Book Reviews