The Field Artillery Journal 1943 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 33 No. 12 ……. Cover: Our Cover this month clearly shows that echeloning can’t always be practiced, that sometimes positions resembling those of ’61 must be occupied. The rocky district around Mt. Etna, with its walled-in roads, left this British battery (troop) no alternative but to use this narrow lane. Note, however, how all advantage is taken of the protection of wall and buildings for ammunition, equipment, and trucks. ….. Articles:
General McNair’s Christmas Greetings
Direct-Support Battalion S-2 in Action By Lt. Col. Petey W. Thompson, FA
Corps Artillery – How It was Employed By Brig. Gen. A. J. Rance
Snapshots By Lt. Col. Joseph R. Couch, FA
Victor Grid By Maj. Neil D. Cox, FA
Under Fire By Maj. Edward A. Raymond, FA
Notes on Artillery Air Observation By Capt. James Edmonds, FA
Naval Fire Support in Sicily By Capt. W. V. Ledley, FA
Primo Sole
AA S.O.P. for Conduct of Time and Ricochet Fire
Perimeters in Paragraphs by Col. Conrad H. Lanza
A Sudden Change of K By Col. George B. Ely, FA
The Azores By Dr. Otto Constantini
Surprise Fires with the Observed Fire Chart By Maj. Ulrich G. Gibbons, FA
FDC in the Jungle By Maj. John R. Crossen, FA
Intra-Battery Communication By Cpl. Melvin E. Mason and Cpl. Joe B. Windley, FA
The Battery FDC By Maj. Roger Wilco
The Field Artillery Puts on Armor By Lt. Col. Douglas G. Dwyre, FA
Beware of Overloads!
Notice of Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Canada’s Fort Sill
Italian 105/28 Howitzer By Lt. Col. G. B. Jarrett, Ord.
A Scale Conversion Slide for Your GFT By T/Sgt. Thomas E. Ryder, FA
Shell Case Straightener for 105-mm Howitzer By Lt. Mike W. Folk, FA
Twenty-Minute Flat Top By Capt. John J. Cahill, FA
Survey Problems in Island Warfare
By Capt. Jay D. Vandetpool, FA
Grid-Lite Board By M/Sgt. George O. Lloyd, Jr., FA
“Undenter,” Shell Case, 105-mm Howitzer
By Capt. R. M. Brewster, FA
At Point-Blank Range By Col. A. Vasiliev
Routes into Europe, Part VII By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Rapid Computations – II By Capt. Alfred W. DeQuoy, FA
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews