The Field Artillery Journal 1943 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 33 No. 11 ……. Cover: July’s cover showed the 1st Sec of Btry B, MCth FA Bn. Capt. R. Carl Riede, of that outfit, writes: “The picture was taken the morning of 20 Feb 43, when the battery was in position just west of Kasserine Pass. We had been supporting a battalion of infantry at El Mac El Abiod (SE of Tebessa), but the afternoon of 19 Feb I received orders to rejoin the battalion in the vicinity of the pass. We left after dark, marched some 30-odd miles, and arrived there at about 0200 hrs. We were unable to find a good position area, so finally occupied position in four Arab houses of which the illustration shows one, modifying them slightly to meet our needs. The morning of the 20th at about 1100 hrs, German infantry and armor broke through and we were forced to fall back.” ….. Articles:
M-1 (Verse) By Sgt. George R. Else
Long Toms in Action By Maj. Edward A. Raymond, FA
A Use of the Bazooka By Maj. R. W. Schmelz, FA
Artillery in Forest and Marshland By Col. I. Alexeyev
Antitank Action of Soviet Artillery By Col. P. Afanayev
Artillery vs. Tiger and Ferdinand By Lt. Col. L. Vysokoostrovsky
Artillery Counterpreparation By Col. E. Levidov
Offensive Artillery Action By Col. B. Belayev
Artillery at Orel By Henry C. Cassidy
Death or Insanity By Walter Kerr
Perimeters in Paragraphs by Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Notice of Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Counter-Battery: Organizing for and Conducting It
If I Had It to Do Over By Lt. Col. Joseph R. Couch, FA
A Summary of Tunisia By Capt. Woodrow M. Smith, FA
Combat Aviation and Field Artillery By Maj. Roy C. Flannagan, Inf.
938th Field Artillery Battalion March (Song) By Lt. Col. Melville B. Coburn and C.W.O. Walter M. Oszczakiewicz
PAK Variants By Lt. Col. G. B. Jarrett, Ord.
The Team on New Georgia By An Infantry Battalion Commander
Division Artillery in the Battle of New Georgia By Lt. Col. Howard F. Haines, FA
Grasshopper vs. Goliath By Maj. Edward A. Raymond, FA
Survey on Guadalcanal By Maj. James J. A. Kelker, FA
Locating and Adjusting Fire on Waterborne Targets By Capt. Frank E. Ribbel, FA
Routes into Europe, Part VI By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Communication Principles and Procedures By Lt. Col. R. R. Mace, FA
A Battalion Air Observation Section Test By Capt. Steve E. Hatch, FA
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews