The Field Artillery Journal 1943 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 33 No. 7 ……. Cover: Tunisia ….. Articles:
Finale in Tunisia By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Close Support in Tunisia By Lt. Col. P. W. Thompson, FA
In Tunisia’s Mud and Blood By Maj. Gen. Lunsford Errett Oliver
British Artillery Action in Tunisia By A British Artillery Officer
Engineer Survey By Lt. Col. W. C. Hall, CE
The Simple Life By Capt. E. A. Raymond, FA
Hints to a Battery Commander Going Overseas By Capt. Misha N. Kadick, FA
The Tank and Its Adversary By Capt. Robert D. Hanson, Inf.
Re-Birth of the War Rocket By Capt. Andrew Kamarck, FA
Routes into Europe, Part II By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Let Well Enough Alone! By Lt. Harold G. Miller, FA
Photo Lubrication Charts By Lt. Melvin L. Hart, FA
Seventy-Sixth Field Artillery Song By Edith H. Ward
Ricochet Fire – Interim Report By Lt. Col. J. H. Bertman, FA Firing Tests Uncover the “Whammies” By Maj. Harold E. Bisbort, FA
Awards of Association Medals
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Surprise Fire Without Registration By Col. Christiancy Pickett, FA
A Site Computer By Lt. Col. F. H. Skelly, FA
Useful Points from Austrian Field Artillery By Lt. Frederick W. Hess, FA
Artillery Course at Quantico By Capt. J. R. Blackvell, U.S.M.C. Seek and Ye Shall Find By Lt. Paul Roberts, FA
Training a Motorized Battery
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews