The Field Artillery Journal 1943 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 33 No. 6 ……. Cover: Artillery Phones at the front nestle in any shelter available, as our cover emphasizes. ….. Articles:
Routes into Europe by Col. Conrad H. Lanza
The New 240-MM. Howitzer, Ml
“How’s the Air Up There?” By Lt. Col. F. A. Bardo, FA
Air Danger Zone of Friendly Artillery By Maj. Howard C. Price, Jr., FA
Ready Short-Base Tables By S/Sgt. Eric Waldman
Celestial Navigation for Desert Warfare By Lt. Col. T. L. Crystal, Jr., GSC
Awards of Association Medals
Training AA Gunners By Lt. Col. Dwight E. Moorhead, CAC
Open Cabs
Massing the Fires of Division and Corps Artillery By Col. E. B. Gjelsteen, FA
Artillery Hip Shooting By Col. R. A. Ellsworth, FA
Bugs and Boners By Col. Christiancy Pickett, FA
Military Censorship By Maj. Bryan C. Arnold, AC
The Field Artillery Song
Keep Them Rolling (Song) By Col. Gerald E. Griffin
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Developing Antitank By A British Army Artillery Officer
TD Fundamentals By Col. J. M. Colbuck
M-12 Motor Carriage
Desert “As Is” By Lt. G. S. Galligan, FA
Artillery at El Alamein By “Battery Captain”
Tail Lights-105 Howitzer By Lt. William R. Kimball, Jr., FA
Rapid Computations By Capt. Alfred W. DeQuoy, FA
Computers’ Table for the 75-Howitzer By Capt. Robert W. Hildebrand, FA
Not in the Book
Diary of War Events
For Heroism and Service
Book Reviews