The Field Artillery Journal 1943 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 33 No. 2 ……. Cover: Our cover shows the antitank telescope of the British 25-pounder in use. The headrest is essential, to prevent injury to head or ‘scope; its position is adjustable via bracket and wingnut. Behind that nut can be seen a knurled knob, turned in setting off deflections; it also contains a quick-release device so that the sight itself can be turned or spun rapidly when large shifts are called for. ….. Articles:
Comparison of British and American Artillery Terms
25-Pounder – General Duties of the Gun Squad
Candidate Selection at Bragg By Sgt. Gerald Rosenbaum
Candidate to Officer (Cont.) By Maj. W. S. Jones, FA
Charts for Rapid Target Location By W. E. Howland and B. Howland
Index of Field Artillery Training Literature
The Solomon Islands By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Employment of Tank Destroyer Units By Lt. Col. G. S. Meloy, Jr., and Maj. Joseph Sill, Jr.
“One Picture . . .” By Lt. Col. Gerald N. Bench, FA
Fighting the Japanese (Conclusion) By Capt. Chang Ten Jen and Capt. Edward A. Raymond, FA
“The Caissons Go Rolling Along” (Song) By Edmund L. Gruber
Survey Computation Form By Lt. Lauren D. Lampert, FA
A Rapid Computer for Survey Traverses By Maj. H. E. Bisbort, FA
How it Actually Works Out
Practice Shells for 105-mm. Howitzer By Lt. Joel Crain, FA
Why Logarithms? Why Sines and Cosines? By Capt. C. R. Oliver, FA
Mechanized Mif-Mifs By Capt. Daniel Rogers, FA
Miniature Service-Practice Range By Col. Frank C. Mellon, FA
Conduct of Fire by Film Strips By Lt. John L. Linville, FA
Time Fuzes and Fuze Setters By Capt. G. C. Chadwick, Jr., FA
Perimeters in Paragraphs by Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Minutes of the Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Diary of War Events
Book Reviews