The Field Artillery Journal 1942 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 12 ……. Cover: Our Cover is an action shot from Guadalcanal. The emplacement was taken from the Japs, and is now being used against them. Notice especially that the howitzer crew wears helmets, but no shirts; No. 5 is on the job, to shift the trail; protective sandbags have been mottled, and also have leaves to break their regular outline; there is good cover from air observation; ammunition is stored nearby, apparently in pits or small caves; the trail has been dug in, perhaps by recoil; and finally, the men look trim and happy. ….. Articles:
Senior Field Artilleryman
Candidate to Officer
By Major Wilbur S. Jones, FA
The Russo-German War: Part VII By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Surprise Artillery Attacks By Major V. Tupaknin
U.S.A.T. Royal T. Frank By Ida Calhoun Burritt
Lighting the Way for the Troops By Lt. Comdr. R. C. D. Hunt, USN
Soviet Artillery vs. Nazi Artillery By Major Alexander Petrov
Association Medal Winners
Germans Over the River By Major Fairfax Downey, FA
Bessel (Italian) Resection by Capt. Edwin J. Selbert, FA
Determining Distances from Vertical Aerial Photographs by Philip Kissam
The Turn of the Year By Observer
Notice of Annual Meeting
What Every Artilleryman Should Know About Bridges By Major Elihu Geer, FA
Earth’s End By Capt. Edward A. Raymond, FA
Losses to Careless Maintenance By Maj. Gen. Levin H. Campbell, Jr.
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Personnel Sections By Lt. M. C. Moras, FA
Officers’ Tests – 2
Aqua-Blitzing, Continued by Lt. John B. Sweger, FA
Artillery By Daniel Vilfroy
Quickie Training in Military Drill by Capt. Charles W. Clark, Jr., AC
Army Supply Methods by Maj. Gen. A. Karyakin
Tactics of Ambush By Col. Pavel Rizin
Tanks in a Forest Battle by Lt. Col. P. Vegerchuk
How a Tactical Error Was Corrected by Col. N. Semyonov
Before the Battle By Boris Gorbatoff
Diary of War Events
Book Reviews