The Field Artillery Journal 1942 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 8 ……. Cover: Signal Corps Photo ….. Articles:
A New Commandant, F.A.S
Motorized Marches Translated from the German
Motorized Road Marches (Controlled) by Lieutenant Colonel F. H. Canlett, FA
Motor Marching by Rail
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza
Antitank Artillery of the Red Army By I. Alexeyev
Howitzers Against Soviet Tanks Translated from the German
The Artillery Preparation By Lieutenant Colonel John J. Burns, FA
“What, No Metro Message?” By Lieutenant Edward A. Raymond, FA
Cadre Test – 3
Road to Dunkirk: Conclusion By Henri de la Falaise
Suggestions About Base Angles By Captain T. N. Dupuy, FA
Solutions to Cadre Tests
The Russo-German War: Part III By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza
ST. Barbara by Major Fairfax Downey, FA
Through the Mill: III By Lieutenant John Hughes, FA
Subcaliber: ( Signal ) Mountain Transplanted By Sergeant M. H. Williams
A “Scope” for the Train Board By Major Fred C. Lundberg, FA
Subcaliber at USMA By Captain H. E. Mikkelsen, Ord.
Improvised Sight for FA Trainer By Major Fred C. Lundberg, FA The Dol-Luc Improved Mount By Captain Bertrand A. Griffith, FA )
Factors in Good Morale By Cadet Sergeant Benjamin Suchoff, FA
Diary of War Events
Not in the Book
Book Reviews