The Field Artillery Journal 1942 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 5 ……. Cover: Cover Illustration: by Life ….. Articles:
New Association Officers
Maneuver of the Light Battalion By Lieutenant Colonel John J. Burns, FA
Really Rapid Support By I. G.
“Tank Attackers” in Action By Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Lewis, FA
A Solution for Traffic Problems By Major J. P. Holland, FA
The American Solder By Lieutenant Edmund T. Delaney
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA
Notes on Military Censorship By Colonel Falkner Heard, GSC
Oahu on the Eve of the Attack by Major R. A. Ellsworth, FA
Sea Artillery By Captain E. S. Bechtold, FA
This War Department Reorganization
Our Southern Counterpart by Lieutenant Edward A. Raymond, FA
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks by Major George M. Dean, FA
Communication Problems by Lieutenant W. A. Scoville, FA
The Unexpected Always Happens by Lieutenant Colonel David Larr, GSC
The Compass, M2
Road to Dunkirk: Chapter II By Henri de la Falaise
Motor Maintenance in Connection with Radio Maintenance by Lieutenant Colonel N. W. Jones, FA
Instruction is Tough! By Cadet Captain James L. Centner, FA, ROTC
Diary of War Events
Modern Methods of Attack and Their Antidote
Book Reviews