The Field Artillery Journal 1942 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 3 ……. Cover: The Battery Command Post (A Life photo) ….. Articles:

Japanese Tactics – Part I
Fire-Direction Technique for Groupment and Division Artillery By Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Gjelsteen, FA
Fire-Direction Decentralized By Captain J. J. Davis, FA
Fire Direction Without Maps By Lieutenant Colonel H. C. Demuth, FA
Fire-Direction Training in German Artillery Battalion
Tobruk By Lieutenant Colonel David Larr
Effect of Artillery Fire
Comments on the War
The Triumph of the Gun – Part II By Hoffman Nickerson
Antitank Gunnery By Lieutenant Colonel Paul B. Bell, FA
Survey Plans and Procedure – Conclusion By Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Gjelsteen, FA
War in the Balkans – By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza. FA
S-4 Problem By Lieutenant Colonel John H. Sampson, Jr., FA
Palestine at the Crossroads By Lieutenant Colonel Riley F. Ennis
R.O.T.C. Medal Winners
With the Other Arms and Services – VII – THE The Quartermaster Corps By Catherine Redmond
Campaign of Flanders, 1940: Conclusion By Captain Leo Framery
Modification of Range-Deflection Fan By James T. Carleton
Not in the Book
Book Reviews