The Field Artillery Journal 1942 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 2 ……. Cover: Pack Artillery on the March ….. Articles:
Pack Artillery for Special Operations By Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Edmonson, FA
Combat Teams Against Parachutists By Lieutenant Colonel Royal L. Gervais, FA
Mountain Guns in Today’s War By Lieutenant Charles Taquey, French Artillery
The Triumph of the Gun – Part I By Hoffman Nickerson
Artillery in Mountain Warfare By Major Langrock; Translated by P. W. T.
Ammunition Supply By Lieutenant Colonel John H. Sampson, Jr., FA
Desert Encounter By Lieutenant Colonel David Larr, GSC
Artillery Support of Tanks By Major M. J. Renton, R.A.
Helps for Executives By Lieutenant Samuel D. Foster, Jr., FA
A Tactician’s Paradise By Lieutenant Colonel Riley F. Ennis
New Field Artillery Weapons
War in the Balkans By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA
Jungle Warfare By Lieutenant Edward A. Raymond, FA
Campaign of Flanders, 1940: Part VI By Captain Leo Framery, French Army
Survey Plans and Procedure By Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Gjelsteen, FA
Comments on the War
Minutes, Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Artillery Fires
Correction of Map Data for the 105-mm. Howitzer By Lieutenant Ulrich G. Gibbons, FA
Not in the Book
Book Reviews