The Field Artillery Journal 1942 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 32 No. 1 ……. Cover: Field Artillery Trainee at Fort Bragg Replacement Center ….. Articles:
Organization of Observation By Major W. H. Bartlett, FA
Training the Forward Observer By Lieutenant Colonel Thomas North, FA
Employment of the Artillery Air Observer in the German Army
Strategical March of the Light Artillery Battalion By Lieutenant Colonel John J. Burns, FA
Aqua-Blitzing By Lieutenant John B. Sweger, FA
War in the French Alps By Lieutenant Charles Taquey, French Artillery
Comments on the War
Anti-Tank Delusions? By Brigadier General G. H. Franke, USA
Bright Lights By Lieutenant Colonel Riley F. Ennis, GSC
War in the Balkans By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA
Campaign of Flanders, 1940: Part V
By Captain Leo Framery
Point-Designation Grid for Forward Observers
From the Chief’s Office
Not in the Book
Book Reviews
Index, Vols. XXX and XXXI