The Field Artillery Journal 1941 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 11 ……. Articles: …
Wedge and Kessel
Artillery Support of an Armored Division By Major Edward H. Metzger, FA.
It Must be Armored! By Lieutenant Jean Dupont
Antitank Attack By Major D. S. Babcock, FA.
The War in North Africa
How the Poles Fought in France By Colonel Wlodzimierz Onacewicz
Crete By Lieutenant Harvey S. Ford, FA.
How to Produce an Efficient Firing Battery (Conclusion) By Majors H. F. Handy and V. F. Burger, FA.
Antenna Mounting By Major Stanley B. Banner, FA.
War in the Balkans By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA.
Not in the Book
Campaign of Flanders, 1940, Part III By Captain Leo Framery
The Battery Commander (Conclusion)
Artillery Fire Marking During Second – Third Army Maneuvers By “Observer”
Book Reviews