The Field Artillery Journal 1941 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 10 ……. Cover: Motorized Review of 13th FA Brigade ….. Articles:
The New Motorized Division By Major Ritchie Wolfe
Notice of Annual Meeting, U. S. Field Artillery Association
Widening Horizons By Lieutenant Edward A. Raymond, FA.
On The Alsace Front, 1940 By Lieutenant Jean Dupont
The Battery Commander: Part I
How to Produce an Efficient Firing Battery By Majors H. F. Handy and V. F. Burger, FA.
The New Safety Regulations By Lieut. Col. George Keyser, FA.
An Important Test By Lieut. Col. Thomas North, FA.
The Gunnery Phase By Lieut. Col. M. P. Echols, FA.
Who Shot Polaris? By Master Sergeant Lewis Griffin
Campaign of Flanders, 1940: Part II By Captain Leo Framery, French Army
Tank Battle By Captain Schneider-Kostalski
German Panzers vs French Light Mechanized Divisions By Captain Ernst von Jungenfeld
Motor Vehicle Identification By Colonel John N. Hauser, FA.
The Infantry-Artillery Team By Marshall Sachs
Fly It Away By Captain T. L. Crystal, Jr., FA.
With the Other Arms and Services: V – Coast Artillery By Captain Arthur Symons, CAC.
Awards of Field Artillery Medal
With the Armies of Foreign Nations
Problems in Gunnery
To Determine Weather Corrections By Lieutenant C. E. Welsh, FA.
Not in the Book
A Ring in Her Nose By Rosalee C. Porter
From the Chief’s Office
Book Reviews